Long View Announces New Partnership with ebb3 to Benefit Oil and Gas Clients 

Long View Systems, one of the most powerful IT solutions and services companies in North America, has announced a new solution to enable clients in the oil and gas sector to work remotely. 

Partnering with ebb3, experts in network infrastructure performance for 3D graphics, Long View will now offer oil and gas clients across North America the ability to untether themselves from physical workstations while maintaining data integrity, connectivity and security.

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Long View’s new solution will reduce everyday operational costs by cutting downtime while providing real-time communication with the field.  The added security features of the solution secure critical data behind the corporate DMZ, ensuring encrypted data transfer and storage.

Long View and ebb3 worked in partnership to develop a system that enables oil and gas industry workers to migrate from siloed, standalone operations in Exploration and Production to virtualised, collaborative and secure remote working.

Leveraging Long View’s tenure solutions and services history across North America, in conjunction with ebb3’s High-Performance Virtual Computer (HPVC) technology, clients will be able to replace legacy workstations that leave gaps in security and efficiency with a mobile, flexible HPVC private cloud appliance that can function on any device.

Kent MacDonald, Vice-President at Long View outlines: “We’re excited to work alongside ebb3 to provide those working within the oil and gas sector the ability to work remotely in a sector, which has never been possible before.

“We’re looking forward to supporting oil and gas workers across Canada with plans to expand throughout North America.”

Chris Brassington, Group Managing Director at ebb3, states: “Through our solution, users can work collaboratively with even the largest data graphics.

“We look forward to expanding our solution into North America for the first time and working closely with Long View to develop the partnership further.

“We see a growth in remote and virtual working globally.  Our software solution allows workers to complete tasks faster than ever before, from any device without being constrained to a physical workstation.”

Long View is expanding its presence in Canada and expanding into the US, currently having established offices in Denver and Houston.

Long View began rolling out the solutions to their team on 1st September.

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