Lasernet Adds Advania to Certified Partner Network

Input/output management software vendor, Formpipe Lasernet, has signed up leading Icelandic IT reseller, Advania, to its certified partner network. The deal represents Formpipe Lasernet’s first venture in the Icelandic region, supporting the firm’s plans for global market dominance. 

Agreeing on the terms of the partnership earlier this month, Advania will be adding Lasernet’s agile, feature-rich input/output management functionality to its existing ERP offering, concentrating initially on the Microsoft Dynamics AX market.

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Commenting on the partnership, Advania director, Sigríður Þórðardóttir, said: “Working with multiple organisations using Microsoft AX products, we have the first-hand experience of some of the challenges they face. Dynamics is an incredibly powerful solution but we identified a clear demand from users to enhance some aspects of its functionality, including document management.

“By offering Lasernet, we can give our customers a state of the art solution for document management, which will empower them to more effectively coordinate the associated processes and, ultimately, work more efficiently and deliver noticeable cost savings. Choosing Lasernet was easy. The solution is very efficient compared to similar products on the market yet at the same time incredibly easy to use.

“We are hoping this will be a fruitful partnership for both parties. We have full confidence in Lasernet’s ability to provide our customers with a solution that will enhance the standard functionality available in Dynamics and make day to day business life much easier for them.”

Despite the relatively short partnership to date, Advania is already in the planning phase of a Dynamics AX implementation with one of its customers in Iceland. The implementation will see Advania’s customer, which operates in the utilities sector, adopt the MECOMS platform by Ferranti Computer Systems to better manage its meter data and customer information. The MECOMS solution is based on Dynamics AX and sold with Lasernet functionality as standard, following an earlier partnership between Formpipe Lasernet and Ferranti.

Mike Rogers, sales and marketing director at Formpipe Lasernet, believes this latest partnership is further proof of Lasernet’s unrivalled integration with Microsoft ERP systems. Mike explains: “Advania is a serious Dynamics player in the region so to be selected as the company’s document management software vendor over a number of our competitors is a true testament to Lasernet’s seamless integration with Microsoft solutions – as well as its ease of use and a long list of features.

“Equally, we have strict rules in place as part of our certified partner network. It’s important to us that Lasernet maintains its position in the market and continues to set the benchmark for innovative input/output management technology, as well as superior integration with a multitude of ERP solutions. We immediately recognised synergies with Advania and are proud to have the firm represent, sell and support Lasernet.”

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