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Infinera introduces Cloud Xpress


Infinera has introduced the Infinera Cloud Xpress family of metro optical platforms, designed for network operators delivering cloud-based services to consumers and businesses worldwide. The Cloud Xpress is designed to simplify the deployment of high-bandwidth connections while lowering the power and space required to scale metro cloud networks.

Consumers and businesses increasingly rely on the cloud for their application needs. As cloud adoption increases, large network operators are reporting a magnification effect on incoming traffic. A single request can often generate 10 times the amount of traffic between data centres. This magnification effect is accelerating the need for better, high-capacity solutions that connect the cloud. The Cloud Xpress is a small, stackable platform designed specifically to address this need. Infinera believe Cloud Xpress is the first to offer a combination of operational simplicity, massive transmission capacity and low power consumption.

“As cloud applications and services have grown in importance, the need for high-speed data centre interconnection (DCI) has grown at a very high rate,” said Paul Parker-Johnson, practice lead, cloud and virtual system infrastructures at ACG Research. Connectivity and power consumption are issues are going to continue to grow as cloud networks expand. Leaner, higher density and more efficient DCIs are going to be essential to meet future demand.

“The introduction of the Cloud Xpress for the metro cloud shows that Infinera is again bringing the right 100 Gb/s solution to market at the right time, marking our initial entry into the rapidly growing metro transport market with a unique solution for cloud data centre interconnection,” said Tom Fallon, chief executive officer at Infinera.

The Cloud Xpress is currently in customer trials with general availability in December 2014.

For more information check out the full press release on the Infinera website.
For more information on Cloud Xpress: www.infinera.com/go/cloud