HYPERGRID Builds on Exceptional Momentum Into FY17

HYPERGRID builds on exceptional momentum into FY17 to become a leader in ­­Hybrid Cloud and DevOps

HYPERGRID, the Hybrid Cloud-as-a-Service leader, announced exceptional growth in FY16 while driving accelerated growth into FY17. The year was highlighted by the acquisition of DCHQ, the launch of its new platform, HyperCloud, and the introduction of a new consumption-based business model. This new business model, along with a significant expansion in its customer base and global partner network focused on multiple verticals, contributed to over 100% growth in revenue in FY2016. HyperGrid also added some senior leaders to its management team, positioning itself well for accelerated growth in the future.

“FY16 was a monumental year for us,” said Nariman Teymourian, CEO of HYPERGRID. “We exceeded our revenue goals and raised our external profile significantly. HyperCloud, our hybrid cloud platform, offers application, platform and infrastructure services in a unique pay-as-you-go consumption model, which fundamentally changes how customers consume IT.”

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Since launching in July 2016, HYPERGRID has been focused on its mission to bring IT consumption services to help CIOs and IT leaders focus on creating business value rather than on cost and service management. HYPERGRID’s mission is to enable business innovation and to provide flexibility, simplicity and agility for business users while maintaining security, control and governance over the delivery of IT services.

“The ability of enterprise IT to enable innovation at a rapid pace and scale is directly tied to the business need for technology-based market differentiation. We are working to establish HYPERGRID as a true enabler and innovator as we define a new category in IT,” said Jim Ensell, CMO of HYPERGRID.

Progressing into FY17 HYPERGRID will also build on its engagement with Microsoft, announced in FY16, as well as launch the next version of HyperCloud.


HYPERGRID is the Hybrid Cloud-as-a-Service leader that simplifies IT for the enterprise by providing consumption based, full stack cloud services on premises. HYPERGRID’S offering, HyperCloud, uniquely addresses enterprise IT needs by combining IaaS, PaaS, and applications services on premises with security and governance for application management. For DevOps, it delivers lifecycle management and push-button VM, bare metal, and container deployments. These capabilities, combined with multi-cloud management and orchestration, all delivered via a consumption model, offer a truly compelling value proposition. HYPERGRID is IT Simplified for the Business, delivering unmatched simplicity, scale, and economics that accelerates business innovation, growth, and long-term success.

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