Huawei and Capita announce global partnership

[London, 31 October 2017] Global ICT solutions provider Huawei announces that it has established a global partnership with Capita Secure Information Solutions to integrate Capita’s next-generation suite of public safety solutions into Huawei’s Smart Cities offering. The partnership will involve the design, development and provision of innovative ICT solutions to address the challenges of policing and meet the needs of citizens.

As cities increasingly connect city infrastructure to the internet, this opens up new opportunities for governments and local authorities. Capita’s end-to-end technology solutions will help Huawei service the complex requirements of police forces and other emergency services across approximately 170 countries in which it operates.

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Huawei will work with Capita to develop joint solutions using Capita’s Integrated Operational Policing platform, which supports the initial contact from citizens and from the resulting processes from criminal investigation, case preparation, custody management, intelligence to evidence management. Capita’s integrated platform provides a modular approach that will help governments and law enforcement agencies around the world transform their operations. The platform manages policing operations from multi-channel public contact through to crime and intelligence with secure management of digital evidence material, all centred around a single, integrated data store.

Capita’s portfolio will be integrated with a range of components from Huawei for storage, servers and networks, as well as innovative technology for video management and analysis. Capita’s solutions will also be configured to operate with the Huawei eLTE critical communications and cloud infrastructure.

Huawei and Capita’s integrated offer has been demonstrated at a number of locations across the world. Capita will work closely with the blue light services that adopt Capita and Huawei’s joint suite of solutions to install, test and integrate products with existing platforms, as well as provide ongoing support to meet evolving operational requirements.

Alan Hartwell, Chief Technology Officer, Capita Secure Information Solutions, said: “The new partnership with Huawei will increase the global reach of our solutions, helping police forces and other emergency services across the world to deliver more effective and efficient services to the people they serve. Like us, Huawei recognises the importance of investment and continued development of products to ensure that clients have the most up-to-date solutions available. We look forward to working closely with Huawei to deliver these services to existing and new clients as they come on board.”

River Wen, sales director of Smart City Solutions, Huawei Enterprise WEU, said: “We are excited to be incorporating Capita’s state-of-the-art products into our global Smart Cities offering and benefiting from their experience in delivering integrated public safety solutions. We know that our clients want to deliver modern, forward-thinking emergency services in the countries they operate, and Capita’s end-to-end solutions will help us do this.”

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