Fluke Networks Opens LinkWare Live Platform to Developers, Introduces LinkWare Live Affiliate Program

Brother, DYMO and Epson Join to Extend Benefits of the Fluke Networks LinkWare Live Cloud Platform for Cable Design, Installation and Management

Everett, Wash., October 10, 2017 – Fluke Networks introduced the LinkWare Live Affiliates program, inviting companies and developers to create services and products integrated with the LinkWare Live cloud platform that will benefit and better serve contractors and cabling installers.

Fluke Networks LinkWare Live is the industry-leading cable certification project management platform, used by the professionals who install and maintain the infrastructure of today’s connected world – who have uploaded more than eight million tests results to date.

These contractors, installers and network maintainers are uploading test results at a rapidly increasing rate, recognizing and reaping the benefits of more efficient workflows thanks to the LinkWare Live platform and integrated products from Fluke Network LinkWare Live Affiliates such as DYMO, Epson and Brother that promise even more productivity gains.

According to Bob Briggs, President, Tri-City Communications, Norfolk, Virginia, “It’s so great to see companies pool their knowledge and integrate technologies to improve efficiencies for an entire industry. We’re using the Brother LabelLink app to pull cable ID data from Fluke Networks’ LinkWare Live cloud platform to print labels – and the efficiencies in time, cost and accuracy have really impacted our bottom line. Our installers are happier too.”

Brother, DYMO and Epson Join as New LinkWare Live Affiliates

Brother, DYMO and Epson have joined the Fluke Networks LinkWare Live Affiliates Program and recently announced applications integrated with the LinkWare Live cloud cable certification service. The partners’ products make the network and cable labelling process much more efficient by eliminating manual entry and time‑wasting tasks by loading the labeller with data generated from LinkWare Live during the network design and installation stages.

DYMO® ID software is integrated with Fluke Networks LinkWare Live and allows project managers, cable technicians and installers to easily access projects in LinkWare Live, import cable ID data, and use the built-in label application and pre-loaded templates to simplify labeling tasks. With LinkWare Live, installers can print labels directly or transfer labels to a DYMO® XTL label maker for editing and printing in the field.

The Epson Datacom app, when paired with the Epson LABELWORKS PX LW-PX400 printer, streamlines network installation labeling with simple-to-navigate menus, TIA-606-B or customized formatting, and brand name patch-panel templates. This app is now upgraded to work with Fluke Networks’ VersivTM System to quickly print wire and cable identification directly from LinkWare Live.

Brother LabelLink (known as iLink&Label outside the US) is a productivity and quality improvement app for cable installers using Versiv testers and Brother PT-E550W handheld printers. The award-winning app enables the contractor to access the project cable ID information in the LinkWare Live cloud via smartphone or tablet and then transfers it to the labeller over Wi-Fi. LabelLink eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and promotes faster, error-free labeling and easier testing.

Times are a Changing: The Day in the Life of Today’s Installers

“The daily work of installers worldwide is changing dramatically as they increasingly use LinkWare Live to design, install and manage cabling projects, uploading nearly half a million test results a month,” said Eric Conley, vice president and general manager of Fluke Networks. “As more applications are integrated with the LinkWare Live platform, installers will reap the benefits, including increasing time savings and business operations efficiency, which all add up to cost savings and more profits.”

Before LinkWare Live, installers typically had to type each cable ID on a labeller onsite, a tedious, time-wasting process – and with cabling projects ranging from dozens to hundreds of thousands of links that meant installers were typing sometimes more than 500,000 labels – or more if there were errors, typos or miscommunication. It was one huge time waster and a significant business problem that was ripe for innovation.

Now, companies and developers such as Brother, DYMO and Epson are integrating their products with Fluke Networks LinkWare Live and the Versiv family of testers, including the DSX-8000 CableAnalyzerTM to help transform the way installers work, making their jobs easier, more productive and efficient.

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DYMO, Epson and Brother Product Information

DYMO “Label identification is essential for datacom professionals to keep operations running efficiently, but it can be tedious,” said Adam Delange, director of marketing, DYMO. “DYMO’s new partnership with Fluke Networks makes the labelling process much easier. With Fluke Networks, DYMO users can now easily access LinkWare Live projects, import Cable ID data and use built-in label applications and pre-loaded templates, simplifying previously complex labelling jobs.”

Epson“The Epson LABELWORKS PX LW-PX400 works wirelessly in the field via Bluetooth and the Epson Datacom app, making it a perfect fit with LinkWare Live,” said Andrew Kasun, marketing manager for Epson LABELWORKS PX. “Working together with LinkWare Live, the LW-PX400 makes cable identification easy and seamless. Plus, the Epson Datacom app is designed for ultimate versatility with patch panel templates, self-lamination wire wrap or heat shrink tube templates and TIA-606-B formatting, so network installers have everything they need to label their work accurately and efficiently.”

Brother – David Crist, president of Brother Mobile Solutions points out, “Our multi-year journey working with Fluke Networks has been an honour and a tremendous learning experience. When the LinkWare Live and LabelLink combined vision was first conceived by our two companies, we had high hopes for the kind of value this solution would bring to the Datacom contractor market. A year later, we both continue to receive validation from the market that the solution is delivering the kind of efficiencies we envisioned.”

Fluke Networks LinkWare Live Affiliates Resources

Companies and developers interested in the Fluke Networks LinkWare Live Affiliates Program and creating solutions based on LinkWare Live platform should contact [email protected]. Learn more about LinkWare Live at www.flukenetworks.com/linkwarelive.

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