Ensono Demonstrates Commitment to Data Protection Through Partnership with TRUSTe

Ensono continues to refine global services through its intercontinental data protection standards

Ensono™, a leading hybrid IT services provider, partnered with TRUSTe, the leading global data privacy management company, to support its compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Through this partnership, TRUSTe will perform data inventory and mapping – one of the critical activities in Ensono’s GDPR compliance roadmap.

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The EU GDPR is a comprehensive regulatory framework whose objective is to protect the “fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, and in particular, their right to the protection of personal data,” according to the European Council. It outlines the requirements that organisations who process the personal data of EU individuals must apply in order to safeguard such data, regardless of the organisation’s location.

Ensono’s partnership with TRUSTe further strengthens its global data protection programme, demonstrating Ensono’s commitment to safeguarding sensitive information and assuring conformity with European standards on data protection.

“Compliance with the GDPR is very important to our business,” notes Pete Bazil, Ensono’s chief legal officer. “Over the last year, Ensono has experienced significant growth and transformation as a global company. Our strategic partnership with TRUSTe to achieve GDPR compliance reflects our commitment to our European clients and global partners and the safeguarding of their sensitive information. This will remain an important priority and focus for the company over time.”

Ensono launched its GDPR compliance initiative in March 2017 and adopted a phased approach that positions it to align with the GDPR prior to the May 25, 2018, effective date.

For more information about Ensono, please visit https://www.ensono.com.



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