Dell Boomi Adds Boomi Flow to its Unified Platform for Building the Connected Business

With low-code workflow automation, Dell Boomi becomes only enterprise iPaaS vendor to combine new low-code workflow automation with cloud native integration

Dell Boomi™ (Boomi) announced an extension of its unified platform capabilities with the introduction of Boomi Flow, its new low-code development solution for building and deploying workflow applications. Boomi Flow aligns with Boomi’s flagship cloud integration technology to deliver the industry’s only unified cloud platform that orchestrates data, applications and business processes to help organisations run faster and smarter.

Based on Boomi’s acquisition of San Francisco-based software vendor ManyWho earlier this year, Boomi Flow lets organisations easily build workflows that streamline business processes such as order-to-cash, purchasing, employee onboarding, case management and credit limit approvals.

Boomi Flow equips organisations to improve productivity, accountability and collaboration internally and with customers and partners to help build The Connected Business and drive digital transformation efforts.

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Developers use Boomi Flow’s intuitive, low-code environment to rapidly create business applications that bring together people, processes and systems, or which meet predetermined parameters for automated execution. In one example, Boomi Flow can help organisations streamline the employee lifecycle, from recruitment, background checks, onboarding, training, promotions and other job changes, to separation.

“Boomi Flow completes the integration cycle to let customers connect everything and engage everywhere,” said Boomi CEO Chris McNabb. “It’s a natural fit and a big differentiator. Adding workflow orchestration to our capabilities to move, manage and govern data really opens new frontiers for how organisations can digitally transform and build The Connected Business.”

McNabb noted that Boomi has seen significant interest from its Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) customers in how Boomi Flow can augment and extend their ability to connect applications and data sources. Conversely, Boomi Flow customers are looking to Boomi iPaaS for agile integration that’s far faster and easier than custom-coding or traditional on-premise middleware, he said.

Based in South Africa, Afrox Healthcare is the sub-Saharan Africa arm of Linde Healthcare, a part of the global Linde Group of Germany. Afrox Healthcare used Boomi Flow to rapidly build a mobile app that streamlines end-to-to-end processes for medical care and nurse visits to patients. Delivered in just eight weeks, the app connects to SAP and Salesforce and enables nurses to enter and access key data to improve healthcare delivery.

“Boomi Flow made it fast and straightforward with minimal coding to build a mobile app that can be used both online and offline, in places where 3G and wifi are unavailable,” said Joseph Ramashala, Head of Afrox Healthcare. “It integrates seamlessly with our SAP and Salesforce systems and supplies data and file security, with identity management available to mobile.”

With Boomi Flow, Boomi is the only software vendor to combine workflow automation with application integration in a unified, cloud-native platform. The Boomi iPaaS technology works in concert with Boomi Flow to move, manage and govern the data that drives business processes. Synergies between Boomi Flow and iPaaS give organisations a complete set of workflow and data management capabilities that can span multiple internal and external stakeholders, and cloud and on-premise applications. Organisations can utilise the technology to create and manage processes from simple to sophisticated and run a more efficient business.

Boomi Flow further aligns with Boomi’s Master Data Management (MDM), API Management and EDI (electronic data interchange) offerings to supply additional capabilities. For instance, Boomi MDM can check for duplicate records across several applications in a workflow and flag them for resolution. Boomi API Management equips organisations to build connectivity across systems ranging from legacy mainframes to mobile apps, preparing them for data exchange and workflow automation.

“From connecting on-premise to cloud to devices, it’s super exciting to bring workflow automation to the Boomi platform,” said Steve Wood, VP & GM, Boomi Flow. “Our joint customers are transforming their businesses using Boomi’s unified Cloud platform to achieve greater business agility.”

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