Next Thursday’s EuroCloud UK (what’s EuroCloud? – see below) monthly meeting is about probably the most vital topic to all business, and the one that’s been most effected by the intersection of three, simultaneous technology shifts currently in play:

The shift to Cloud Computing and web based apps
The web going Mobile – everyone’s walking around with the Internet on their smart phones and tablets
The explosion of social media – every brand wants you to like them on Facebook, follow their hashtag on Twitter, share content on LinkedIn, join their community – if you aren’t blogging as a business you’ve missed the train and competition is already ahead of you.

The topic is “Customer engagement through the Cloud”. We’ll be taking a 360 degree view of how Cloud changes the game, and where Cloud based solutions are being deployed successfully to help companies connect directly, efficiently and effectively with their target market and partner ecosystem.

The event is on Thursday 14 March, starting at 16:00 at Google Campus, Tech City, London EC2. Full details and ticket booking on the Eventbrite page here. We follow a format of many, content rich presentation of 10 (or up to 15) minutes, and then all the speakers join a combined panel session for your questions at the end. At 18:00 we will move on to networking and refreshments in the Google Campus bar.

I’ll be introducing things, setting the scene, pointing to the different ways Cloud, social and mobile are making a difference, acting as MC and moderating the final panel session. Our speakers are as follows:

Charlie Simpson of will be talking about what he calls the next step in social and business communication – exploiting the web, video and social networks to get your message across more effectively.
Dorothy Meade of Blur Group will talk about how online marketplaces are changing the game for buyers and providers – using the web to connect projects with potential suppliers directly.
Stein Sektnan of SuperOffice Software will talk about how Cloud makes CRM different, in terms of the flexibility of the product, the approach to implementation, and how web enablement moves buyers from traditional purchasing to digital purchasing model.
Doug Clark, IBM’s Cloud Lead for the UK, will talk about how the new landscape changes working with partners and service providers.
Dmitry Aksenov of cool startup London Brand Management (as introduced by Compare the Cloud) will show us how Cloud will help us take the next step – using artificial intelligence technology to make sense of complex unstructured data from any device and then acting on it. This is technology that could have a myriad of different applications to add value to customer connections and business processes.

All the speakers will come back on stage to answer questions from the audience, and we hope to get as much discussion and debate going as possible.

Please go to EuroCloud UK’s events page to book a place.

About EuroCloud UK

EuroCloud UK is a forum for companies engaged in cloud business activity to network together, share best practice advice and build the profile of the industry.

About David Terrar

David is a director of EuroCloud UK, CEO of D2C and you can find out more about him on our thought leaders page.


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