Commvault unveils next generation portfolio

New portfolio Includes an open data platform, redefining the data protection market

Commvault, has announced the next generation of its market leading solutions portfolio, delivering a broad spectrum of innovation designed to help customers address the increasing challenges of managing data and information in highly disrupted, fast-paced global business environments.  

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I spoke with Greg White and Phil Curran on Monday about the new announcements, and I’m pleased to report they sound great. (This would be a bit dull if they were awful!)

With a focus on the Open API architecture, White and Curran stressed to me that the improvements provide universal access to data under management in its standard captured format – avoiding storage device lock-in. 

Commvault now gives customers and third party software partners the ability to write their applications directly to the Commvault Data Platform. This allows information tasks to define data governance policies for all data from the moment of its inception through its lifecycle. Customers can then benefit from common data management services of the platform across all data sources (from Commvault and third-party solutions and applications). 

New Commvault innovations will permit customers to more easily consume new technology to evolve from traditional environments, close functionality gaps, eliminate the headaches of point solution integration, and address a range of emerging data needs from targeted requirements up to full, web-scale projects. In addition, new Commvault solutions can help shield customers from market consolidation disruption concerns while simultaneously assuring data protection, security, and compliance.  Together, integrated software applications and the new Commvault Data Platform represent the eleventh major version of Commvault solutions.

“Commvault’s next generation software and platform are uniquely designed to help customers activate their data to unlock critical business insight and drive new value from their technology investments,” said N. Robert Hammer, Chairman, President and CEO of Commvault.  “The new Commvault release both leapfrogs point solution vendors in capabilities and functionality while also showcasing the performance, security, compliance, and economic benefits of a holistic data management strategy. For customers, our new platform makes it possible to better manage the challenges of disruption, whether they are seeking to move to data to the cloud, manage data in the cloud, provide secure access to data, consume new technology to replace legacy systems, move from closed proprietary systems to open, or assure a sound data management strategy in the midst of unprecedented market change and consolidation. Now, more than ever, companies are increasingly recognising the need for a trusted partner to assure a solid data management foundation – Commvault is that foundation.”

[quote_box_center]Commvault’s new solutions portfolio includes a broad range of innovations all designed to drive additional business insight and value for customers that redefine the market in these key areas:

  • An open, standards-based approach: Runs natively in traditional on premise, hyper and converged environments, and across hybrid, private and public clouds, for protection, retention, access and compliance
  • Enabling disruption: Single, unified data management approach takes the risk out of adopting new technology, and helps companies deal with the uncertainties arising from marketplace disruption
  • The end of lock-in: Traditional data software format lock-in is eliminated and sets the new standard in hardware and infrastructure options for customers
  • Move to the cloud: Provides the bridge from legacy to transitional hybrid to true exploitation of the public cloud; simplifies native moves to and from the cloud to enable DR; and fully migrate business critical workloads (compliance, data governance and backup) into the cloud; assures data security to, from, and in the cloud through advanced authentication and encryption protocols
  • Redefines archive: Transform inaccessible digital landfills into directly accessible active data sets through familiar user experiences (file explorer, Outlook, mobile, etc.)
  • Hardware array & converged and hyper-converged infrastructure ready: Leading the industry in snaps and replication management across HW arrays and infrastructures provides flexibility and choice
  • Governance throughout the data lifecycle: Apply active governance from when data is created based on content and context, rather than applying methodologies only  after the data is created
  • End-to-end data security built in:  Security is fully integrated for data in all locations, with management, audit and compliance monitoring & reporting throughout,
  • Shift and reduce traditional IT spend through smarter IT: Speeds time to value, consolidates point solutions, shift resources from low to high value through faster business process execution and increased automation
  • Total Search: Search across all data (live and versioned), in all locations, across structured and unstructured data [/quote_box_center]

Commvault’s next generation software and services offerings were already deployed with early adopter customers in a managed release, with full general availability in December. As of this latest version of its software, Commvault is moving to a continuous innovation pipeline with new features, functionality, and capabilities delivered in a regular and continuous fashion matching customer demand and market dynamics, and in keeping with the reality that more than half of the companies relying on Commvault are today are consuming Commvault software as a service rather than on premise, through the company’s extensive, global partner network.

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