Announcing a partnership – looking after your database and CIFS requirements

OpenMinds, the specialist database clustering integration firm announces their strategic partnership with Peer Software, the CIFS file replication and accessibility specialist. Speaking out, during an interview with Compare the Cloud, both parties elaborated on the reasoning behind the alliance:

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“The joining together of our two companies is the next logical step in the evolution of cloud-based services we provide. It is rare that two companies, such as OpenMinds and Peer Software, completely compliment each other. At OpenMinds we deliver services around public, private and hybrid cloud models in regards to database clustering. Peer Software caters for CIFS file replication and collaboration with the same environment” said Bipin Patel, CTO, OpenMinds.

Clearly, from Bipin’s perspective, the partnership makes sense. Later, during the interview, Ken Gorman, UK Director for Peer Software, has this comment on the partnership:

“With the two firms joining together we now can achieve complete data replication, accessibility and control across a multi-site, multi-vendor and multi-cloud world. Prior to today’s partnership, our respective companies were leaders within each field of expertise. Now, by joining our skill sets together, we are one of the most formidable partnerships that cater for niche and mainstream file systems that have services that make true cloud data services achievable!”

So, from both sides, the partnership seems like a win-win scenario with the co-joined partnership. Further developments will unfold over the next few weeks as I am told there are more exciting announcements coming that are based on data protection and accessibility!

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