Acrolinx Partners with Datapipe to Offer a Multi-Cloud SaaS Solution with Redundancy Across Public Clouds

Software provider uses Datapipe’s expertise to add Azure hosting to its existing AWS and private cloud solutions for AI-based content optimisation platform

Datapipe, a leader in managed cloud services for the enterprise, has been chosen by Acrolinx, the leading content optimisation software platform, to provide a managed multi-cloud environment for its business. The partnership gives Acrolinx cross-cloud resiliency and ensures data stays within a single cloud infrastructure. The company will now benefit from Microsoft Azure services, on top of the standardised AWS hosting services that Datapipe already delivers for the business.

As companies increasingly align towards the leading public clouds, Acrolinx found that its larger enterprise clients were requesting to host its SaaS platform on their preferred cloud provider. Acrolinx saw an opportunity to both satisfy these client requests and put in place a solution that offers redundancy at the cloud provider level, so that, in the unlikely event of a problem with one public cloud, it can easily move services over to another provider.

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Scotty Morgan, Chief Sales Officer, Datapipe Europe, says: “The ability to provide customers with a choice of cloud environments has been transformative for Acrolinx. The fact that Acrolinx chose Datapipe to enable this solution because of the great working relationship we already had is testament to the quality of service that Datapipe provides its customers. This partnership clearly demonstrates our capability to deliver worldwide solutions while providing the crucial local support that is required by businesses on a daily basis.”

Acrolinx uses artificial intelligence to analyse and improve enterprise content creation across multiple channels, allowing brands to develop a consistent, recognisable brand voice. This can be a challenge for enterprise, especially if a large amount of content is being produced regularly. Acrolinx’s platform is proven to increase brand trust, conversion rates, and intent to purchase. It is used by many of the world’s most recognised brands, including Google, Oracle, IBM, and Facebook in order to improve the impact of their varied and complex content creation strategies.

Acrolinx’s large customer base requires massive scale, global deployments, and highly secure infrastructure. It is the type of challenge that is well-suited to public cloud. Acrolinx initially chose Datapipe to set up an AWS solution for its SaaS software in 2016 to complement its existing German-based private cloud setup. It moved to the multi-cloud solution in 2017.

Philipp Offermann, Senior Product Manager at Acrolinx, comments: “People often talk about cloud lock-in and being forced to stay on one public cloud platform or another forevermore. However, Datapipe delivered a solution that means we are free to choose between Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, while Datapipe takes care of all the monitoring and management. An added benefit is that we can now offer a wider range of services than before, whatever the customer wants – whether it is Microsoft or Amazon, we can offer it.”

Offermann continues: “It is incredibly valuable to have Datapipe as a professional partner to help us with these new managed services. It’s freed up our IT and support teams and they can now focus on supporting our software, not dealing with hosting issues.”

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