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Friday Night Cloud

Friday Night Cloud: Episode 4: Don’t Carry On Doctor

Medical Clouds - Hype vs. Reality & The Internet of Egos. Neil has finally broken Andrew and a trip to the hospital is required. Neil has a gripe with Egos.

Friday Night Cloud: Episode 3: Morons and Tech

In this rant of a podcast we discuss whether automation has been good for the human race and unleash a tirade on the impact of cloud, mobiles, IoT & technology on the wellbeing of people.

Friday Night Cloud: Episode 2: The Naughty Bits

In Episode 2 we discuss the Internet of (Naughty) Things, Online Gambling Scams, Rubbish of the Net and Internet Security

Friday Night Cloud: Episode 1: Pilot

In our pilot podcast episode we explore the Internet of (Strange) Things, discuss data breaches and look at the future of cloud technology.

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