Enterprise Digital Summit – London – Workshop

Pre-SUMMIT Workshop October 21

10-11 Carlton House Terrace,

London SW1Y 5AH

9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Driving Digital Transformation in the Enterprise

This pre-conference workshop is a deep dive in to managing digital transformation, end to end across the enterprise.  We cover aspects of social and collaboration technology, but also the human communication involved.  We will discuss driving value across your organisation whilst dealing with today’s disruptive business landscape.  The workshop agenda covers:

  • The Digital Wave – how cloud, mobile, social, and big data technologies are transforming the way we work.
  • The Human Interface – dealing with people in the transformation, from different organisation structures to lessons we can learn from biology, anthropology, modern military tactics and the latest business thinking.
  • What leadership and management skills are required?
  • What is the role of the Organisation anyway, going forward?
  • Discussing a European Social Business and Enterprise Social Networks Survey, with analysis, trends, a comparison of available platforms, a look at what company are actually doing in the UK versus the US and Europe and what can we learn from the other territories.
  • Engagement – the keys to organisational responsiveness, the benefits of an engaged workforce, hard numbers, soft approaches, and new ways of thinking covering the psychology of engagement and current trends in neuropsychology.
  • Talent attraction, management & retention in the new world of work, along with the the emerging role of HR and the importance of data analytics.
  • Delivering end to end agility using social techniques to transform the value chain within marketing & PR, sales, customer service and retention, innovation, R&D, procurement, production operations & logistics.
  • How to diagnose an organisation’s potential for Social Busines, finding the high impact opportunities for your organisation to help you build a business case and define the ROI.

Join us at The British Academy to discover what works? what doesn’t? and what’s next?

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