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Cloud FS Americas (Cloud Banking)

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22-22 JULY 2015


Introducing Americas first gathering dedicated to transformational financial services business models underpinned by cloud architecture.

Demands on financial institutions across America for customer-centric IT architecture and a migration from the CAPEX cost models of yester-year to the adoption of pay-as-you-use cloud billing models have made secure cloud infrastructure crucial to driving front to back office business transformations.

Cloud models can enable established banks, financial services providers, and hedge funds to expedite the launch of new products and services. For new players, cloud platforms and services represent a low-cost, scalable and agile route to market.

Cloud FS Americas will gather banking IT leaders to establish frameworks for cloud viability, migration and implementation whilst tackling concerns on cloud security, data sovereignty and outsourcing policies.

Utilize Cloud FS Americas as a platform to address complexity-free models of IT consumption and issue RFPs to best-of-breed cloud enablement partners with the capabilities to accommodate your budget, scale and migration timeline.

Cloud FS Americas will feature holistic insights, expert-led overviews and educational case studies from cloud’s earliest financial adopters and best-of-breed multi-cloud innovations from the world’s leading cloud technologists.

Join hundreds of your peers as they assess cloud viability and engineer paths to advanced cloud implementation and integration.

We look forward to welcoming you to New York.