Why Have Virtual Desktops Become Increasingly Popular?

Virtual desktops have seen a sudden and dramatic rise in recent years, with the technology becoming extremely influential in businesses all over the world. Virtual Desktops now use a central data base, where everything is stored, regardless of how old or new each individual machine is. So why has it seen such a meteoric rise?

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One of the most important aspects of a business is security and this is whether it physical or virtual. Security is an important aspect of virtual desktops, as it offers the ability to track external devices and also prevent external devices copying data from any files from local based machines. Virtual security gives an advantage for businesses, as data is never actually stored on each individual device. Once mobile desktops store and hold important information offer a risk far larger than the security of a virtual desktop.

Virtual security gives an advantage for businesses, as data is never actually stored on each individual device

A virtual desktop not only consistently monitors all devices, it also stores everything in one central server, making it remote and not associating files to certain devices. Even if anything happens to your desktops your information is protected.

Easy To Manage

In many businesses there are those who are working behind the scenes in order to consistently keep every single machine working. Even though there are specialists in their own departments it becomes increasingly difficult to keep everything managed and maintained. Using virtual desktops means everything managed centrally, including any installed applications, any individual files and making it easier to find if there any problems.

Energy Efficiency

Is there anything more beneficial to businesses then saving money? Virtual desktops can help companies all over the world become a little more energy efficient. This is because virtual desktops, or a virtual desktop session will use a lot less electricity than an individual desktop computer. Companies can find themselves reducing their carbon footprints, as well as outgoings.

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Virtual desktops are beneficially versatile, as you are able to access files from anywhere with internet access. This can increase productivity for staff members, as it no longer requires them constantly work from their offices. Not only can it be beneficial in terms of flexibility for employees, it can be increase the budget for investments into things such as new desktops and other aspects of the business.

Building your businesses image plan based on VDI provides a different user authorisation, deploying applications and issuing a privacy control for all desktops. These can all be managed by the IT department, making it incredibly easy to have overall control of your businesses desktops.

Consistent Brand Image

It can take longer to set up a desktop in the same image as every other computer in the initial stages, however virtual desktops make that process a lot more efficient and easier. It uses the same operating system, installed applications and reduces costs for administration and support.

Financial Benefit

virtual desktops support mobile workforce

In terms of financial benefit virtual desktops can offer a significant difference. As money is spent bringing in the main server hardware will only benefit you in the long run. Virtual desktops can benefit you if there are any problems and hardware issues, as only the main server will need a troubleshoot, rather than individual machines. There are no longer a need to buy desktops, as virtual desktops support mobile workforce and those who work remotely.

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