Top cloud speculative analysis and futurism from 2015

My favourite hobby (aside from fanatical support for Arsenal FC) is a mixture of speculative analysis and futurism – basically reading the runes within the technology industry (and the cloud sector in particular) and seeking to predict the strategic direction of its key players, factions and technologies. And it’s great fun.

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As a final flourish at the end of this year I have been asked to reflect on the year and share with you a short list of the articles I found most interesting and most fun to compile. Here you go. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.

telco rule
Why telcos would rule the world if they got their act together

Here I look at the natural advantages that Telcos enjoy and how they would have had a dominant position in hosting, in cloud services and in apps if they had been more dynamic and innovative.

break up
HP quits Public Cloud; Dell buys EMC; What’s happening?

2. HP quits Public Cloud; Dell buys EMC; What’s happening? 

Here I try to make sense of the way in which the old era tech titans are struggling to respond to the young Turks of the cloud era.

Falling like Dominoes: Snowden, Safe Harbour, Crypto and the future of CyberSecurity

Security and privacy have dominated many discussions this year, but the landscape took a massive turn when the Safe Harbour arrangement was struck down and with current encryption at risk, the future will look very different.

Future of Cloud: Part One
Future of Cloud: Part One

4. Future of Cloud: Part One 

Here I start to look at the new competitive dynamic that the increasing pace of the transition to cloud has caused.

Future of Cloud: Part Two

5. Future of Cloud: Part Two 

In the second part I look at how private cloud and in particular OpenStack will fare in  the short-, medium- and long-term.

cardboard cutouts
Ultimate Guide to Cutting Sales and Marketing Costs for Cloud Services

6. Ultimate Guide to Cutting Sales and Marketing Costs for Cloud Services 

This final flourish pokes fun and the similarities in the cloud mantras being promoted by so many of the want-to-be cloud players. What most of them lack however is any really compelling differentiation and a stand-out proposition to alter the dynamics of the market. The technology that so many of them are pinning their hopes on – Hybrid Cloud – is a necessary stepping stone as organisation transition from the old world to the new, but the end point lies elsewhere. You’ll here more from me on this in 2016.

In the meantime have a great festive break and I hope you enjoy revisiting these blogs. We’ll see you back here next year.

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