Compare the Cloud spoke with Samson David, SVP, global head cloud, infrastructure services & security from Infosys. Samson has given us his predictions for 2016, including that On-premise will be left behind in 2015.

Samson David is the Senior Vice President and the Global Head for Cloud, Infrastructure and Security at Infosys. Samson works closely with global 2000 clients to help define and build their cloud and infrastructure strategies and run end-to-end IT operations. He is also on the board of the ODCA (Open Data Centre Alliance), Samson is what we at CTC quantify as a cloud expert, and more than qualified to share his thoughts on the future. 

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Samson David_InfosysCloud security will increase in scale, and decrease in complexity. In 2016 we’ll see cloud security evolve into simpler, virtualised controls and solutions that will have embedded security processes to help map current IT systems. Heavy, bolted-on protective layers that have difficulty scaling in the cloud will stay behind, and next year will have lighter, scalable cloud security solutions.

The significant challenge of making hybrid cloud a reality. Without the heavy uplift of people, process and technology across architecture, governance and service management, a hybrid cloud ecosystem will only bring a fragmented IT process within an enterprise. Businesses will have to make a concentrated effort on integration, policy standardisation, operations, cross-provider provisioning and end-user empowerment to implement a successful hybrid strategy.

Backup and recovery will become synonymous with security. With the explosive growth of structured and unstructured data, improving backup and recovery time will be a big hurdle for the enterprise. Vendors will rely on automated tiered solutions and data de-duplication to address the challenges of heterogeneity of technology. Encrypted data backups and agentless cloud-based replication will become the norm for data security.

improving backup and recovery time will be a big hurdle for the enterprise

DevOps will be a starting player for the enterprise team: Next year’s booming market demand for DevOps tools will eliminate siloed setups, narrow thinking and resistance to change. 2016 will see DevOps tools become an integral component to the new ways of working and change the organisational culture within enterprises. With a focus on people, process and tools, companies will reorganise talent and include DevOps in collaborative work models.

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Applications will break free from on-prem restrictions: As all data inevitably moves to the cloud, applications will need to be cloud-ready and platform independent in 2016. On-premise will stay behind in 2015, as businesses adopt flexible and scalable solutions that are supported through multiple application technology platforms.

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