It has been a year since Compare the Cloud launched its spin-off 24 hour online TV channel; Disruptive. What started as an experiment in live streaming using phone cameras, sellotape, iPads and borrowed wifi has become a fully functioning station with live events, camera rigs, production suites, 24 hour streaming and a lot of disruptive technology.

Making a dent within the video market is difficult. It’s crowded. Anyone with a phone and a microphone can now become a roving reporter – and many do. We wanted to try something different – to be the UK’s first 24 hour technology TV channel. To produce content people want to see, be involved with and that can hold the viewers interest. From our live events such as the specially constructed Cloud Expo Live, IPExpo Live and IBM Bluemix Garage Relaunch Live to our Women in Technology series featuring some of the most important names in the UK technology space.

My highlight of year one has been the hugely successful Disruptive Pitch series – an ongoing reality show where entrepreneurs pitch their disruptive technologies to our panel of judges. The breadth of talent within the UK is astounding and so far this season we have had some amazing individuals and truly disruptive technologies.

So what’s coming in 2017? We’re about to launch our #DisruptiveStudio – a specially built environment for filming and broadcasting live shows, interviews and exciting new content. We’re covering more technology events than ever before – including the final of Disruptive Pitch at Cloud Expo 2017. There’s more. A lot more. Watch this space…