Every now and again we like to give you, our loyal readers, the lowdown on the companies that have caught our eye. Veber have been around for a while, they’ve pretty much seen it all, and now they’re here to tell you all about it. We spoke to Tim, Neil and Rob about their business, you can read all about it straight from them below.

TP: Tim Poultney, Director

Tim has been the managing director of Veber for 16 years. He has managed the company through a number of re-inventions but Veber, in its current form, is the most successful. Prior to starting Veber Tim was in technology roles for SPAN and Marconi.

NL: Neil Laver, Sales Director

Neil recently joined Veber from Microsoft where he was a Sales Director for Cloud Productivity. He has a history of building successful businesses in senior sales and marketing roles at leading software and cloud companies.

RC: Rob Crowe, Operations Director

Rob joined Veber in January 2014 to head up and build the opreations team. Rob has a strong track record delivering complex projects for many large companies. Rob has previously worked for Honeywell, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

Veber as a whole:

Veber was founded in 1999, so it has been through all the ups and downs technology has seen since the last millennium. Initially just selling tin, Veber now specialises in providing unique hosting solutions for unique businesses. All our hosting solutions are designed to meet the customers needs to ensure suitability, reliability and value for money. And, Vebers core group of employees continues to be a select and dedicated team of experts who will know you, your business and your hosting solution.

What do you think of the Cloud Industry at present:

RC: The cloud industry is so disruptive at the moment. As a small team we work exceptionally hard to keep up with the fast paced changes – my focus with Veber is finding a way to implement structures and procedures to ensure we stay up to date in the rapids of cloud, its challenging, but I think were up for it.

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What are Vebers main strengths?

TP: Customer retention is one of our strongest factors. In 16 years of business weve only ever lost 6 clients – and 4 of those only left us because they went bankrupt! I think its a credit to our customer service, and our product, that we have such loyal customers. In the past year alone weve seen our business growth strongly. All of our new business tends to come through recommendations and word of mouth, so we have a good reputation within the market as a reliable service provider.

What do you think sets Veber apart in a competitive cloud marketplace?

TP: Because we have such a solution led sale, our customers really get what they need. Were not about selling them extraneous products for a bit of extra income, were a very customer focussed business. Its all about keeping them happy. A lot of our clients were startups when they joined us, and as theyve built their businesses and grown, weve been able to tailor their solutions for that growth – meaning they get just what they need from us.

What are your ideal clients?

RC: Startups, particularly ones in the finance and banking sectors, which is a sector that we have great expertise in, and are able to really cater to their needs. These types of start-ups require the latest best of breed technology. They want the near 100% uptime and deep technical expertise. They choose Veber as that describes what we offer.

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TP: Its about getting the startups at the right time – we find we have to target them before they feel they need to head to the monster that is Amazon, which can be a challenge, but our tailored service definitely offers a more personalised solution than using a major public cloud vendor who will only offer a very cut and paste service for its clients. They just cant offer the same level of personalised technical expertise that youd get from Veber. 

Could you tell us a bit about some of your current clients?

TP: Currency Cloud are one of our clients that we have worked with from when they were a startup, and now were seeing their success in the international payments industry. We offer them anything from their virtual arena to a storage farm, tie lines and their data security.

RC: We have many other customers in the services and finance sector all of whom have chosen Veber as we offer the best of breed technology and expertise. What is common to all of them is that their businesses are web based so they need the critical security and reliability that we offer.

Neil, being that youre new to the company, could you give us a quick overview of what you hope to add to Veber?

NL: Tim, Rob and the rest of the team have done a great job in the recent past to acquire and build new customers. My aim is to accelerate that and begin to develop new products that we can offer to our existing customers and the many new customers that I hope to add. As Rob mentioned earlier, the cloud industry is changing fast and I have joined Veber to ensure that we are as agile as we can be to ensure our customers are getting the best possible service from us.

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Where you see Veber heading in the future?

TP: Ive never been more excited about the future. I am far less worried about customers moving to the public cloud  – it suits some companies but many more see the value in a deeper relationship with a specialized group of experts like Veber

RC: Its a real challenge to keep up with the innovation that is coming from our suppliers like Dell, Cisco and VMware. But from what Ive from them seen its really exciting. Just in the past few weeks weve added flash storage and DDoS mitigation as new services from new suppliers. I see this expanding greatly. 

NL: Our growth is allowing us to offer more and more solutions at greater value. But as we grow, well continue to ensure we maintain the great customer service that our customers appreciate.

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