Up Time Episode 1: How has technology changed and how is it changing?

Disruptive Live presents the first episode of UP TIME in association with Cogeco Peer 1!

This week’s first episode will focus on the topic of change. How has technology changed and how it is continuing to change. This week’s panel will be discussing technology and trends which have historically led to big things and future trends – where are we going?

This week see’s the panel host Susan Bowen from Cogeco Peer 1 with her panel Lisa Lavis from Glow, Richard Heyns from Brytlyt and Tom Adams from Cogeco Peer 1.

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Andrew McLean is the Studio Director at Disruptive Live, a Compare the Cloud brand. He is an experienced leader in the technology industry, with a background in delivering innovative & engaging live events. Andrew has a wealth of experience in producing engaging content, from live shows and webinars to roundtables and panel discussions. He has a passion for helping businesses understand the latest trends and technologies, and how they can be applied to drive growth and innovation.

Cloud Industry Forum presents TWF! 2024 state of the cloud report


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