Digital Transformation | Christian Rule, Flynet

Christian Rule, Director of Business Transformation at Flynet, talks to Joshua Osborn about all things Digital Transformation. He covers off the three phases of Digitial Transformation: Digitisation, Transformation and Reinvention. What stage are you currently facing? What stage should you be facing? Christian takes an in-depth look at the market around us and how others are tackling this journey. 

Digital Transformation has been a process that’s occurred for years. Right from evolution version 1 in the 60s right up to evolution version 3 in the 00s and today. If you think your company doesn’t need to take note, or that it can keep up with competitors, and suppliers, by doing nothing, you may be headed down a dark path. Join Christian and his insightful, interesting discussion around Digital Transformation and be ahead of the game!

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