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TD Synnex is a leading global distributor of technology products and services, offering its customers a comprehensive range of products and services. The company has recently announced a strategic partnership with NVIDIA, a leading manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs) and AI hardware. The partnership will allow TD Synnex to distribute NVIDIA’s products to US, Canada, and Mexico customers. Through this partnership, TD Synnex’s customers will access NVIDIA’s cutting-edge technology, including its AI-powered GPUs and data centre solutions. NVIDIA’s products are widely used in various industries like gaming, healthcare, manufacturing, and research, and this partnership will help TD Synnex to expand its customer base in these industries.

In addition to the partnership with NVIDIA, TD Synnex has also announced a collaboration with IMSCAD, a provider of data centre infrastructure solutions. This partnership will allow TD Synnex to expand its offerings to include IMSCAD’s data centre management software. This software offers advanced monitoring, reporting, and capacity planning, enabling TD Synnex’s customers to manage their data centre more effectively. The partnership with Imscad will also allow TD Synnex to provide its customers with a comprehensive data centre solution that includes hardware, software, and services. This will help customers to increase their data centre efficiency and reduce costs.

Overall, the partnership with NVIDIA and Imscad will allow TD Synnex to offer its customers a more complete and advanced technology solution. As a result, the company’s customers will now have access to a broader range of products and services that will help them to improve their operations and achieve their business goals. This partnership will also help TD Synnex to expand its customer base in various industries and increase its market share.

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Adam Jull is the CEO at IMSCAD Services and IMSCAD Cloud

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Kieran Jeffs is a Business Development Executive at TD Synnex

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Charlie Dawson is the Marketing & Channel Director at IMSCAD Cloud & IMSCAD

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