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Cirrus, Nimbus, or Hybrid? Is the cloud right for you?

Armed with the correct facts about your current IT infrastructure, you can make the choice whether a move to cloud infrastructure suits your organisation.

The Invisible Threat To London’s Economy

London is pulling up the rear just behind Birmingham in a recent survey from Prosyn IT Support. The city’s available internet connection speeds are well behind Oxford, Stockholm, Bucharest and many other cities at home and abroad, weighing in at a paltry average of 26.3 Mbps, with far lower within the City of London and the West End.

February Global #CloudInfluence League Table

The #CloudInfluence battle heated up in February as Microsoft and IBM stole a mind share lead over Amazon in cloud.

Hybridity; The Future Mainstay

With the emergence of cloud technology being the mainstay of collaborative and efficient working, the term hybrid cloud has been bandied around with much speculation in recent months.

The Dragon’s Den for Tech Start Ups

Rhian Wilkinson tells you why you should be attending start up events, and reviews We Are The Future's London Start Up Summit.

8 Tips For Moving Business Data To The Cloud

Monique Rivers from Ninefold explains the eight key areas to focus on when migrating business data to a cloud environment.


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