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April Global #CloudInfluence Organisations

Both Amazon and AWS had a massive boost in their #CloudInfluence scores this month following the much awaited disclosure of the first AWS financials, see the full Top 50 Organisations here.

Is It Getting Cloudy in Banking?

Following on from the Cloud Banking Event Neil Cattermull goes into detail on his thoughts for the future of cloud in the banking sector.

Cloud Service Matchmaking: IBM + Twitter

On March 17th 2015, IBM announced the highly anticipated details of their partnership with Twitter. They will be working on industry-first cloud data services that allow the extraction of actionable business data insights from Twitter data by business professionals and developers.

7 Common Cloud Misconceptions

Even though cloud has been with us for some time already, many executives are still hesitant to implement cloud infrastructures. CTC debunks the myths.

A Moment of Cloud Clarity and Vision

Neil Cattermull recounts his time with IBM executives in Las Vegas in February, and the future of cloud technology.

The Evolution of Gaming – A Cloudy Future

The gaming sector has been dominated for years by successive generations of console platforms from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, but now cloud gaming needs consideration too.


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