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6 Things to Consider Before You Switch to BYOD

Rick Delgado looks at BYOD and its various technical and human challenges - and all is not always quite what it seems.

What are hosted desktops?

The team at Atlas Cloud explain cloud computing's hosted desktops and the benefits it offers businesses.

Connectivity-On-Demand ends punitive charges

Neil Cresswell of Virtus Data Centres introduces us to their innovative and flexible usage-based bandwidth access and consumption model.

The day computing changed forever – and we all missed it

Daniel Thomas of Compare the Cloud explains how using DNA for storing data is just the start of the humanification of IT.

How should infrastructure providers compete with Amazon?

Amazon is the 800lb gorilla when it comes to cloud infrastructure (IaaS) providers. We ask how other IaaS providers can compete?

Is IBM “a Disaster in the Making”?

There’s been a lot of commentary and criticism in the news recently about IBM’s business strategy when it comes to cloud computing.


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