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Cloud Marketing #CloudInfluence Special Report

Bill explains how the major cloud marketing firms understand the importance of influencer marketing as a key component of the current marketing framework.

Marketing Metrics: What Does Success Look Like?

How do you measure marketing success? And how do the Compare the Cloud #CloudInfluence tables really work?

March Top 10 #CloudInfluence UK and Cloud Bursters

The top 10 main #Cloudinfluence cloud bursters for March – those appearing from nowhere to make an impact, and the top players here in the UK.

March Top 50 #CloudInfluence Individuals

The March Top 50 #CloudInfluence Individuals in the cloud arena. Big data analytics is used to give a snapshot of the most influential industry players.

March Global #CloudInfluence Organisations

The Top 50 Global #CloudInfluence organisations as determined by mind share and market share big data analytics. Microsoft tops the rankings for the third consecutive month.

Cloud Gaming #CloudInfluence Special Report

Cloud gaming is enabling a proliferation of gaming options - everything from set-top boxes and high-end game consoles to gaming PCs or even mobile devices. Using big data analytics, we take a snapshot across social media, blogs and print media to find out which organisations and individuals currently have the greatest #CloudInfluence in the field of cloud gaming.


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