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7 Common Cloud Misconceptions

Even though cloud has been with us for some time already, many executives are still hesitant to implement cloud infrastructures. CTC debunks the myths.

Cloud and the SMB

SMBs need to carefully assess which particular cloud approach is right for them to ensure that already-stretched IT budgets are not wasted.

10 UK Data Centres Go Global

Many people have said to us that a “cloud offering is useless without connectivity”. Pulsant has now addressed this by announcing a global networking deal with GTT Communications Inc.

Pimp Your Hardware with Kingston Tech

Big data analytics hardware doesn’t need to cost a fortune, commoditised hardware along with upgraded existing assets can be used to drive big data.

Cirrus, Nimbus, or Hybrid? Is the cloud right for you?

Armed with the correct facts about your current IT infrastructure, you can make the choice whether a move to cloud infrastructure suits your organisation.

January #CloudInfluence UK and Cloud Bursters League Tables

The top 10 UK #CloudInfluence individuals and the top 10 rising stars #CloudInfluence individuals, those who featured in the charts with no prior presence.


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