PTC University Wins CEdMA Europe 2016 Impact Award

PTC University has received the Computer Education Management Association (CEdMA) Europe 2016 Impact Award for its new generation PTC Learning Connector. The PTC Learning Connector bridges education and product and solution development by providing PTC technology end users with training, technical support and customer-defined content in real time.

CEdMA is the premier organization for education professionals on a management path within hardware and software companies. The organization selects its Impact Award winner based on two main criteria: the effect achieved in a specific department or for a particular solution in the field of training and education and its measurement thereof.

The PTC University development team met both criteria with its new Learning Connector. Based on the “In Product Learning & Support” concept, the new tool smoothly combines digital product and solution development with real-time access to a broad range of information and training content. The user can refer to free training information provided specifically for each of his work steps within the program he is working on, as he needs it, so that he has the right training material at the right time. Additionally, numerous PTC University eLearning libraries, which are available as separate licenses, provide further content for in-depth study of specific topics. Both new and existing customers have found the tool highly appealing, which is impacting positively on revenue derived from the PTC University eLearning courses.

“Theoretical information learned in traditional time-consuming, block-training courses is often lost once the developers and engineers are back at their desks working on real projects,” said David Cleverley, vice president PTC Customer Success. “We want to change this by providing our customers with answers and solutions precisely when they are needed. With the PTC Learning Connector, we have not only managed to dynamically combine eLearning with practical application, but also to excite many of our new and existing customers about our eLearning content. Winning the CEdMA award has pleased us greatly, because, as we know, an idea is only as good as its subsequent implementation, and in this case both were decisive.”

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