Romania, the EU cloud alternative for the UK.

Romania, currently ranked 3rd in the world insofar as Internet download speed after Singapore and Hong Kong, according to It is home to highly trained IT professionals and already a major exporter of IT platforms and solutions. In the past few years, the competition between IT companies (software, automation, etc.) has increased significantly, leading to a concentration of this industry around the cities of Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, which have become main points of interest in Europe’s IT industry.

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Romanian IT specialists benefit from extensive expertise, incorporating nearly every technology emerging on the IT market, almost instantaneously.

The development of IT companies has also brought about large investments in solutions such as “computing power”. Modern and well-equipped data centers have been developed, serviced by highly trained IT professionals, which can successfully compete on a European and an international level.

AdNet is one of the pioneers of Data Center solutions in Romania. Its investments have materialized into two datacenters, one in Cluj-Napoca and one in Bucharest, thus developing a solid platform for Cloud solutions (VM Ware, Cisco UCS, HPE 3PAR, etc.) which mainly targets the Romanian and European markets.

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Considering the speed and the quality of internet connections in Romania, the access time to any destination in the EU is comparable to local solutions. Given the existing infrastructure, we can argue that IP and IT boundaries no longer exist, which is why, if you are in search of Cloud and Datacenter solutions (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS), this country and, in particular, this company, can deliver secure and reliable services at affordable prices.

The IT security level in Romania is high. For instance, to this date, no financial institution has been majorly compromised by cyber-attacks. At the same time, Romanian laws allow strong privacy conditions to be provided to clients.

No datacenter in Romania has ever fully crashed as a result of a cyber-attack, not even for a second.

No terrorist attacks have ever taken place in Romania, it is a NATO member country and currently, hosts two multinational military bases.

Companies such as AdNet have grown consistently over the past few years, expanding their client portfolio on external markets as well as the domestic one. In the beginning of November, clients from 28 countries were using AdNet’s Cloud solutions. The ratio of income generated by external clients out of its total revenues is 50 percent, thanks to high quality services (state of the art high-performance equipment), premium support (engineers available 24/7 to resolve any issues which may arise) and competitive pricing (the average price per vCORE in the UK is at least 50 percent higher than the average vCORE price in Romania).

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Language barrier? Not an issue, more than 40 percent of Romania’s population speaks English. In addition, more than 80 percent of the people employed in the IT field speak English.

Romania is beginning to be recognized as a reliable Cloud and Datacenter service provider, not only for one of the world’s most beautiful roads, according to Top Gear (the famous Transfagarasan), sandy beaches, a picturesque mountainside, captivating history, good food, and welcoming people. Go Cloud, go Romania!

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