Giving cloud businesses a chance to pitch their services CloudPitch is now part of the Compare the Cloud website.

Here at the start of 2015 the market is already looking up. Cloud businesses including managed service providers, data centres, co-location services and hosts to web apps and even connectivity specialists have more opportunity than in any previous year.

At Compare the Cloud we have just added another opportunity with the re-launch of CloudPitch. We have championed the adoption and value of cloud computing to businesses. And our website helps companies select services and providers best suited to their needs. With CloudPitch, now an integral part of our website, we are giving cloud businesses a chance to pitch their services.

To add your business, simply submit your pitch. Once your business is listed you and anyone else can vote it up. The more votes received the higher your pitch will be in the listing. In the future we will be featuring the top business of the month to our readers. Be warned at the end of every month the vote counts get reset to zero. To stay top you will need to keep voting.

Have a great cloud business? Pitch it.

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Andrew McLean is the Studio Director at Disruptive Live, a Compare the Cloud brand. He is an experienced leader in the technology industry, with a background in delivering innovative & engaging live events. Andrew has a wealth of experience in producing engaging content, from live shows and webinars to roundtables and panel discussions. He has a passion for helping businesses understand the latest trends and technologies, and how they can be applied to drive growth and innovation.

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