New Xangati platform gets automated storm remediation 

Xangati, an innovator of hybrid-cloud performance management, has announced the latest version of its Xangati Virtual Appliance (XVA) architecture that features automated storm remediation for virtualised and VDI infrastructures. Other new features include native support for Microsoft Hyper-V environments and ServiceNow integration, so that XVA trouble tickets and storm alerts can be shared easily with the ServiceNow ITSM (IT Service Management) portal.

Even the best run cloud environments are hit by storms of all kinds such as storage, CPU, memory and boot storms, which cause contentions that cripple applications and disrupt end-user experiences. With this latest Xangati release, virtualisation system administrators are able to remediate CPU and memory performance issues by automatically balancing workloads across vCenter hosts.

By leveraging XVA’s real time key performance data, capacity planning and efficiency/cost optimisation, IT professionals can prevent and remediate virtualisation performance degradation. Xangati’s Efficiency Index also measures the extent to which available CPU, memory, storage and network interface capacity is fully utilised.

“This new functionality means that VARs now have the ability to run a true managed service performance analytics practice with service-level agreements, based on definitive metrics for MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution),” said Atchison Frazer, VP-Marketing, Xangati.

Key features of Xangati’s latest release include:

  • Automated CPU and memory storm contention remediation
  • Microsoft Hyper-V enhancements:
    • Runs natively on Hyper-V, while monitoring and managing multiple hypervisors
    • ‘CPU Wait Time Per Dispatch’ reporting for Hyper-V
    • Support for multiple SCVMM (System Centre Virtual Machine Managers) to accommodate larger infrastructures
  • Deep support for NetApp Storage Systems configured in Cluster-Mode
  • ITSM notifications and metrics easily discoverable by ServiceNow and Splunk
  • Enhanced XVA storm-tracker utility GUI for scale and ease-of-use
  • New optional Executive Dashboard for XenApp environments
  • XenApp 6.5 and Zone Controller logs included in XVA Visual Trouble Tickets
  • XVA install/upgrade and setup workflows enhanced

“Xangati is moving closer to its long-term vision of an autonomic infrastructure management that delivers an automated way to stave off complex degrading conditions and v-storm contentions, in addition to end-to-end, closed-loop orchestrated visibility to real-time performance indicators,” said Atchison Frazer, VP-Marketing, Xangati.

For more information or for a free trial, visit Existing Xangati customers with active support contracts can access the XVA upgrade via the Xangati support portal.


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