Navisite Bundles Proofpoint with Office 365 to Stop 99.9 Percent of Targeted Attacks

Proofpoint cloud-based email security and continuity now offered as part of Navisite’s Managed Office 365 services

London, UK – October 31 – Navisite, a part of Spectrum Enterprise, a part of Charter Communications (NASDAQ: CHTR), today announced it is partnering with Proofpoint, Inc., a leading cybersecurity company, to offer Proofpoint’s cloud-based enterprise-class email security and continuity as part of Navisite’s Managed Office 365 services. By bundling Proofpoint Essentials advanced threat detection technology, Navisite is the only Managed Office 365 provider that includes a 99.999 percent SLA for Office 365.Navisite helps organisations with email security including credential phishing and ransomware attacks while embedding business continuity which results in a true enterprise-grade Office 365 experience.

Through this collaboration, Navisite is combining its industry-leading Microsoft Office 365 management and operational expertise with Proofpoint’s highly-scalable, cloud-based email security platform, to provide clients with a robust cloud service that helps limit their risk of attacks and advanced threats to email communications and sensitive data.

Clients, such as the National Theatre, are already taking advantage of the new collaboration.

“Proofpoint Email Protection managed through Navisite will provide the National Theatre with the assurance that our messaging environment is safe, secure and protected,” said Jon Cheyne, IT Director, National Theatre. “The need for this today is greater than ever before, as the risks to our data and systems via messaging platforms increase daily.”

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Each day, Proofpoint analyses more than one billion email messages and hundreds of thousands of social media posts to protect people, data and brands from advanced threats. Navisite clients can also enhance their Managed Office 365 plan to include Proofpoint’s Enterprise level threat protection and continuity services. Key Proofpoint features include:

·       Advanced Inbound/Outbound Email Protection: Stops targeted email attacks containing malicious links and attachments, while preventing spam, viruses, malware, phishing attacks and more.

·       Email Data Loss Prevention: Controls sensitive data from leaving the organisation by enforcing data security policies and preventing inadvertent data loss with Navisite’s managed Proofpoint e-Discovery and email archiving solutions.

·       Assured Business Continuity: Ensures vital email communications are available at all times with automatic failover and recovery. Users stay connected to email via Outlook integration, a web portal, or mobile support should Microsoft Office 365 go offline.

“Through our collaboration with Proofpoint, we are offering our clients advanced threat protection and security management capabilities, enabling them to better control their IT environment with greater resiliency against malware, ransomware and phishing threats,” said Sumeet Sabharwal, general manager and group vice president, Navisite. “As cloud becomes more mainstream and managed services like Office 365 are commonplace, data security remains a top concern for our clients. That is why we are partnering with Proofpoint to deliver solutions that monitor, detect and protect a client’s most valuable data against the most sophisticated attackers.”

“Organisations worldwide are moving to Microsoft Office 365 with Navisite, and our collaboration provides vital email safeguards against advanced threats and targeted attacks,” said Bhagwat Swaroop, executive vice president and general manager of Email Security for Proofpoint. “We stop 99.9 percent of all targeted attacks before they reach Proofpoint users with our advanced cloud-based threat detection. That success rate, coupled with threat insights to identify attacks and the assurance of email service availability, puts control back into IT hands.”

Delivered as a managed service, Navisite’s Managed Office 365 solutions provide businesses with greater choice, flexibility and scale to accommodate the diverse needs of their users, while addressing pressing security and email compliance considerations. More information about Navisite’s Managed Office 365 Productivity Suite is available at:


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