Janet awards framework to Arkivum to provide fast and cost-effective archiving for research and education.

Janet, part of the Jisc Group, is today announcing a framework agreement with Arkivum Ltd for the provision of “Data Archive to Tape” as a service to provide fast and cost-effective archiving for research and education.

The Agreement covers purchases of Arkivum’s digital archiving service by Higher Education institutions, Further Education and Specialist Colleges and Research Council establishments in the UK, and by any other bodies whose core purpose is the support or advancement of further or higher education or research. It allows all qualifying organisations to procure the archive service quickly without the administrative overhead and costs of an EU compliant competitive tender.

Dan Perry, Director of Product and Marketing at Janet said, “Long term cost effective data storage is increasingly a key issue for research and education organisations and to support our sector we have run a competitive OJEU compliant procurement. The outcome is the framework has been awarded to Arkivum. In addition to demonstrating a good understanding of the challenges facing organisations from the data bonanza, one of the many benefits of the Arkivum archiving service is the fast implementation and speed to ‘go live’.”

Jim Cook, CEO Arkivum commented, “We are delighted to have this framework agreement in place with Janet. Based on this agreement, institutions will be able to make the most of a well understood and used process, and know that they are getting competitive and pre-negotiated education prices based on the total size of the community and not just the size of their particular institution.”

About Janet
Janet, part of the Jisc group, has the primary aim of providing and developing a network infrastructure and services that meet the needs of research and education communities in the UK. Janet manages the operation and development of the Janet network and related services on behalf of Jisc, the UK’s expert on digital technology for education and research. Its work is guided by its funders, owners (AoC, GuildHE and UUK) and trustees. For more information, visit www.ja.net.

About Arkivum
Arkivum specialises in the management and storage of an organisation’s information assets. Arkivum delivers systems that can intelligently manage content to efficiently store and retrieve data over the long term while offering a highly cost effective solution, with low up-front investment and zero risk.

Arkivum was formed as a spin-out from the University of Southampton.  With a world-class reputation in the field of digital preservation, the University has been working for over a decade to develop best practice for the safe keeping of digital data over the long term. With on-going links to the University, Arkivum has direct access to state-of-the-art research and this is complemented with a team that has in-depth experience in datacentre operations and storage system implementation.

Arkivum provides a completely transparent data archiving service and its approach to data safety and security is simple; it keeps multiple copies of customers’ data in secure UK data centres and actively manages its integrity to ensure it remains in bit-perfect condition all the time. Arkivum relies on proven storage technology and open standards to deliver fast and efficient online access. The company’s unique solution is the only system available on the market which guarantees 100% data integrity.

More information can be found at http://www.arkivum.com or on Arkivum’s profile page.

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