Infradata Acquires Quonubes Group Limited

Infradata, the leading independent Network Integrator, today announced the acquisition of Quonubes Group Limited, a UK-based virtual network service provider that specialises in multi-vendor integration technologies for Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

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Infradata believes that the SDN and NFV technologies will increasingly shape the future of networking and security for both Service Providers and Mission Critical networks. Infradata is an early adopter of these technologies. Over the last years, Infradata has invested in acquiring the right skills, competences and hands-on experience in building, integrating and migrating Software Defined SP Networks and Mission Critical networks. Recently, Infradata has supported major customers building their software defined data centers and automating their end-to-end service provisioning and delivery.

The aqcuisition of Quonubes is the next step in Infradata’s strategy of SDN and NFV. Quonubes has developed solutions for both Service Providers and Mission Critical networks based on SDN such as Software Defined Data Center Solutions as well as vCPE (virtual CPE) as a service.
Infradata will leverage the combined skills of both organisations to accelerate the development of the innovative multi-vendor SDN platform of Quonubes. The acquisition brings technologies and skills together and enables enhanced support for clients seeking flexible network services and advanced multi-vendor manageability. At the same time, technical and marketing staff from Quonubes will form a new UK operating unit for Infradata, enabling it to expand its UK business. With the acquisition of Quonubes, Infradata will continue to be the leading Network Integrator in the SDN and NFV market.
“SDN and NFV are new technologies that have the potential to radically change how networks are delivered. Throughout our long relationship with the Quonubes team we have admired their level of expertise and innovative technologies. Of particular interest was the ability to support flexible network services using their multi-vendor integration platform. This also allows seamless deployments of VNF’s in a manageable and scalable manner,” Leon de Keijzer, CEO of Infradata.
Commenting on the acquisition, James Morgan, former CEO of Quonubes Group Limited and future Managing Director of Infradata UK, added: “There was far greater international interest in our innovative multi-vendor integration platform than we could cope with as a start-up. Infradata not only has the resources and scale to take the platform forward on a global basis for the networks of the future, but also the capability to design, deploy and support the networks of today. This focus and expertise in managing Mission Critical network services makes Infradata a compelling organisation for companies to work with.”
Quonubes clients will benefit from enhanced international technical support services centered around Infradata’s SDN lab in Leiden, the Netherlands. At the same time Infradata’s existing customers will gain access to Quonubes’ multi-vendor integration platform as well as its virtual network services catalogue. The acquisition of Quonubes Group Limited closed on November 16th, 2015. Terms have not been disclosed.
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