I recently caught up with Vera Loftis, UK Managing Director at Bluewolf, a global consulting agency, in the company’s London office. Vera joined Bluewolf in 2007 to assist with the already established growth through the consultancy arm of the business, and she moved to the UK 4 years ago.

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Bluewolf specialises in leading cloud technologies like Salesforce and delivering solutions to clients across all business verticals. It has grown considerably since its inception more than 15 years ago. Vera says, “We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ business needs inside and out. I know most companies boast such statements but our growth is testament to this, Founded in 2000, we started with one office, now we have 12 offices globally, over 500 Salesforce certifications with 9500 success stories.”

This is quite the impressive statement, so I probed deeper with some client side questions, basing them around a business vertical I know very well – Financial Services. I was impressed with Vera’s knowledge within this space, she was able to provide the correct advice on product sets and the market evaluations of the applications, as well as usage for a typical financial brokerage. In a Jeremy Paxman style interview Vera really impressed me with the way she described Bluewolf and the story to date. Salesforce implementations can be very difficult to execute and deliver in my experience; and Bluewolf claims to do this 50% faster than anyone else in the market, a bold statement!

Bluewolf claims to be able to implement salesforce 50% faster than anyone else in the market

So, I asked the 60 million dollar question “Why would I go to Bluewolf for a Salesforce implementation rather than Salesforce?” Not an easy question to answer, but Vera answered it well!

“Salesforce are very good at what they provide, however clients look to us for a partnership that lasts. What I mean by this is that we have in-depth experience within the product set across all business sectors and work so closely with them that we provide ongoing support after their migrations are complete. This coupled with the understanding that if they are not suited to the product set, we will tell them”.

With this understanding of planning, implementations, and ultimately the support of Salesforce I can see why Bluewolf has grown as it has done. With the long established office in the UK (4 years), it is are looking to assist with the explosion of cloud computing throughout Europe, backed with the immense experience of 15 years of consulting and support of Salesforce.  But don’t just take my word on how impressive Bluewolf’s experience is, IDC rated it a worldwide leader in the Salesforce Implementation Ecosystem 2015, amongst many other awards gained.

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To sum up – Bluewolf is a global leader of Salesforce implementations and support with a track record of implementing migrations 50% faster than anyone else around with ongoing support. Additionally they work with other product sets within the cloud ecosystem and can advise you on these when you meet with them, making them unbiased and very flexible. Vera certainly knows the industry very well and it was a total pleasure to meet someone who really can do what they say in the world of cloud.

Neil Cattermull, Director of Cloud Practice, Compare the Cloud

Neil's focus is on developing cloud technology and big data. You can often find him advising CXOs on cloud strategy.

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