AppCarousel and Mobica Partner in Connected Device Markets to Deliver Complete App Solutions

AppCarousel, the leading provider of app platforms for connected devices, and Mobica, the leading provider of software engineering, testing and development services, have announced a strategic partnership leveraging each other’s expertise to offer end-to-end app and software solutions to markets worldwide including connected car, connected fleet, Internet of Things, and smart devices.

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AppCarousel’s platform delivers a range of solutions to organizations looking to deploy apps and app ecosystems including; app marketplaces, digital goods commerce, and app lifecycle management for all types of connected devices. Mobica provides services to those organizations, including design, software creation and software solutions.  This partnership enables AppCarousel and Mobica to offer complete turnkey solutions from app building through to app deployment, ongoing app management and monetization.

In the rapidly expanding connected car sector, automotive manufacturers and their supply chains are increasingly turning to AppCarousel and Mobica to create great app experiences for the connected driver along with the creation of custom software management solutions for the vehicle, to ensure apps and critical on-board software stay up-to-date and relevant. Mobile and connected device companies come to AppCarousel and Mobica because they need custom apps, a white labeled app store and an app management platform to make their app ecosystems a reality. Together, AppCarousel and Mobica provide end-to-end solutions to companies that require custom app creation, distribution and monetization solutions for their developers, partners and customers.

“Many organizations do not have the expertise to determine their app strategies on their own, so the AppCarousel and Mobica partnership enables us to address all of their needs whether it’s creation of apps and software or a platform to make those app strategies a reality,” said Emanuel Bertolin, CEO of AppCarousel. “Our two companies are complementary and we are excited to be working together on many opportunities including the burgeoning automotive sector.”

“With this strategic partnership, businesses can entrust AppCarousel and Mobica to address all of their app-related needs, all the way from creating apps and software to getting them out there in a managed scalable manner,” said Jim Carroll, Mobica CTO. “With Mobica’s extensive software engineering and development services and AppCarousel’s app management and over-the-air update expertise, our partnership delivers a unique approach to the connected device markets we serve, including automotive, IoT and smart devices.”

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