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The Three Guiding Principles for Optimising Cloud Costs

One of the often-cited barriers to Cloud migration is...

Improving cloud migration efficiency with automated testing

A key factor in this too often overlooked is the need to implement and deploy a comprehensive migration testing approach for applications, processes, and data across the entire business.

A cloud migration strategy: a 5-step checklist

Cloud migration is a complex, multi-level process that requires a solid amount of planning. This guide outlined the critical cloud migration steps that can help you minimise your infrastructure costs, avoid vendor lock-in, and address the common fears that come with cloud adoption.

Three New Year’s resolutions to streamline your Cloud migration

As we move into 2023, now is the time to leverage the advantages that the Cloud brings and take note of the factors that help companies streamline their migration or Cloud management to stay ahead of the competition.

Weathering the unpredictable, with cloud migration

In light of this unpredictable and alarming economic situation, businesses are having to reevaluate the way they operate.

Gaining a grip with the strangler pattern

Big bang migrations, in which all traffic is cutover to a new system when it is sufficiently close to feature-parity with the legacy system, are inherently risky and almost always delayed.

Clarifying UK cloud adoption patterns

There is no doubting the shift towards cloud adoption. What is far more unclear is the exact path this is taking, and what ‘cloud adoption’ really means in terms of the IT choices made by UK companies.

Here is how to stage a public cloud migration

As the relationships between CSPs and cloud providers are deepening, CSPs need to develop a clear strategy on how they add value to customer relationships.

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