CEE 2018 GCCM Berlin Live Stream

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with the Carrier Club to bring you a look inside GCCM Berlin 18th/19th June. It’s all about Cloud and Carriers, including how to facilitate Big Data growth.


Our guests include:


Wida Schmidt – CC Digital Cloud
Fabio Bottan – PCCW GLOBAL
Stuart Evers – Turk Telekom International
Isabelle Paradis – Hot Telecom
Ivegen Martsin – Bics
Sabastino Galantucci – DIME
Fabrizio Salanitri – Horizen AG
Alessia Capitaneo – Sparkle


Arun Dehiri – Red Dawn Consulting
Alberto Grunstein – 42com Telecommunications GmbH
Pal Beres – Turk Telekom Int.
Kurt Lindquist – LINX
Chris Van Zinnicq Bergmann – Global Coud Xchnage
Kevin Ju – China Telecom
Miguel Lopes – Diaogic
Dr Gregor Schmid – Taylor Wessing