May Top 10 #CloudInfluence UK and Cloud Bursters

Topping the May #CloudInfluence bursters table was Steve Mollenkopf Qualcomm’s President and COO, who was second in the top 50 global rankings commenting on the Avago Technologies acquisition of chipmaker Broadcom Corp and how this might create new competitive challenges for Qualcomm.

Kamal Nath [2], CEO of Sify Technologies, appeared in articles covering the cloud enablement of the Madhya Pradesh State Data Centre which won a ‘Best Cloud Solution Implementation’ award.

Gordon Coburn [3], President of Cognizant Technologies, was promoting the fact that the company is starting to build its own software platforms and tools as part of its push towards digital and generating more revenues from newer areas of technology such as cloud computing and analytics.

Sundar Pichai [4], Vice President of Chrome Google, rose to prominence explaining how Google plans to convince developers that it is the easiest platform to build on for cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).

New Jersey native Chris Palermo [5], the founder, CEO, and President of Global Communication Networks, Inc. was followed by Dennis Grunt [6], director of Silicon Valley Bank as the bank agreed to provide a debt facility to MOBI. 

Then came Brian Metherell from Toshiba, Edward Snowden commenting on data privacy, Mark Meyers celebrating the millionth sale of Spiral’s CloudPets and finally John Minor from JobsOhio following decision to Amazon expands its cloud computing in central Ohio creating 1,000 extra jobs.

 [table id=31 /]

Jumping into top spot in the UK table was John Jackson, Assistant Director (ICT), London Borough of Camden commenting on how at a time of austerity in government, running a low-cost, flexible hybrid cloud service for the borough’s customers is essential. Camden went with CloudBolt, which he claims provides a flexible service with a mature product architecture that is simple and infinitely extensible. This pushed IBM’s Simon Porter down to second in the UK table for the first time.

[table id=32 /]

NOTE: the Compare the Cloud #CloudInfluence league tables, are based on a broad big data analysis of all major global news, blogs, forums, and social media interaction over the past 90 days. The league tables provide a snapshot taken at a particular point of time of the respective influence of both organisations and individuals over the last quarter. Companies that were particularly active in the given period will feature more prominently.

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