Protecting partnerships in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing, like many other industries in fact, is reliant on collaboration and partnerships. In the automotive industry, for example, the production of each vehicle relies on a complex network of suppliers delivering each component on time and to the correct location. What’s more, the amount of administration that accompanies these partnerships is vast. From purchase orders to design specifications, there is a broad spectrum of files that need to be transferred and stored securely.

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This is true too of many other manufacturing sectors, including smartphones, heavy industry and engineering. Faced with such a large volume of file transfers, manufacturing firms are increasingly looking for ways to manage transfers securely, on-time and with the lowest amount of complexity.

At Bluebird IT, we can deliver a suite of IT solutions that helps to secure all your manufacturing partnerships, regardless of how large your operation. We recently worked with the largest manufacturer of their product type in the world to provide an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution that met their complexity and security requirements. EDI software is vital for exchanging documents between businesses in a fast and simple manner. In fact, EDI tools can facilitate this exchange without any human intervention at all, ensuring that invoices, POs and any other documents are received, transformed and deposited appropriately.

EDI software is vital for exchanging documents between businesses in a fast and simple manner

EDI is just one facet of our B2B Integration solution, however. Other features include the fast and efficient onboarding of new business partners,the transformation of data into formats to integrate with backend systems and the delivery of a central platform and data hub for all business processes with external business partners and suppliers. Taken together, our B2B Integration solution can result in the automation of a number of business processes, cutting the amount of time employees spend on manual tasks and boosting productivity. Automating business integration processes can also help eliminate error from the data transfer process, leading to further time savings.

Security is another key aspect of any B2B integration solution. Encryption is increasingly being adopted by firms across a multitude of industries, particularly those that have to continuously share information with their partners. Effective B2B integration should encompass multiple encryption standards and be sure to safeguard files both when in-transit and at-rest. Authentication services are also vital if organisations are to ensure that sensitive information is only available to the relevant individuals. Bluebird’s B2B offering includes a number of authentication services, including single sign-on, LDAP and local user authentication, so manufacturers can have peace of mind before sharing any information.

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Technology has made the world a smaller place and manufacturing firms are increasingly finding that they need to be connected with suppliers, partners and customers all over the world. They also need this communication to be reliable, secure and simple. With the services provided by Bluebird, businesses no longer have to worry about the complexity and affordability of their file management and transfer solutions. If you want your employees to spend more time building great products and less time jumping over IT-related hurdles, then be sure to choose a vendor with experience delivering outstanding business integration software.

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