MSPs and the importance of secure file transfer

Managed service providers (MSPs) are proving increasingly popular across a wide range of industries. If the rise of cloud computing has supplied businesses with previously inaccessible IT solutions, then the rise of the MSP has enabled these same organisations to better manage, integrate and secure them. Spending on managed services is expected to reach more than $193 billion by 2019, almost doubling the figure it set at the end of 2014, and this is hardly surprising considering the benefits that MSPs can deliver. Manage service providers can supply expertise, hardware and software to suit your needs and robust security protocols.

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However, the ability of MSPs to meet their customers’ requirements ultimately depends on the technology that they utilise. At Bluebird IT, we recently worked with a global MSP to help them deliver a secure data transfer service. When finalising the technology, we had to consider security and governance capabilities, as well as the ability to easily onboard new customers. For the MSP to be successful in the long term, the ability for them to scale up the technology to meet growing demand was absolutely vital.

Working together, we were ultimately able to create batch file transfer infrastructure that met PCI DSS compliance standards, as well as other key regulations, making it secure enough to meet the demands of their customers in the tier 2 financial services sector. By choosing secure, governed and flexible technology from Bluebird, the MSP was able to bolster its reputation and set itself up for potential domination of their market.

File transfer is just one of many services provided by MSPs, but it is one of the most important

File transfer is just one of many services provided by MSPs, but it is one of the most important. No matter which industry you work in, there is likely to be the need for partnerships and collaboration, either internally or externally, which require the safe transfer and storage of data between all parties. Companies across all sectors will experience this challenge, whether exchanging POs and invoices between partners or simply enabling greater workplace collaboration.

Poorly implemented data transfers can lead to company networks becoming overloaded, a lack of visibility over where data has been transferred and ultimately, a fall in productivity. In addition, failure to meet compliance standards when it comes to data protection can see businesses faced with compensation claims and even long-term reputational damage. As a result, MSPs must ensure that the file transfer service they deliver to their customers is able to meet the most exacting security and reliability standards.

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When MSPs are looking at their technology options, it is important that they opt for hardware or software that has a proven track record of success. After all, an MSP that is unable to justify their technology choices is unlikely to be able to convince customers of a consistent level of service. In order for MSPs to receive the trust of their customers, they need premium technology delivered by a trusted partner with more than 25 years of experience. No matter which industry niche you want to dominate, Bluebird IT can help provide you with the proven technology you need in order to do so.

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