Pinacl’s Social Housing Solution – How Does It Work?

Social Housing providers across the UK are responsible for managing tens of thousands of properties. Poor property conditions cause serious problems for the property and tenant health, resulting in the need for constant refurbishments costing millions of pounds every year.

Smart living or a Smart Home, you can easily imagine a scenario where by a simple command on your way home turns on the lights for your drive or security light, the hallway and kitchen lights come on and the coffee machine is making your favourite drink. Your curtains and blinds are automatically closed,

In the past 5 years, local authorities in England have paid out more than £35m in compensation and legal fees to people living in “unfit” homes (BBC).

Pinacl has developed a solution which could save social housing providers thousands. We are already working with several housing associations who are keen to trial and adopt this new technology, recognising the potential for a rapid Return on Investment.

Pinacl’s housing solution aims to reduce maintenance costs of properties by deploying sensors to gain real time insights into the health of each property, enabling the Housing Provider’s limited resources to better support tenants and avoid costly refurbishments. Alerts can be automatically generated if problems arise or are predicted to, notifying the tenants and Housing Provider to take corrective action so that the property and tenant remain healthy.

Pinacl can provide a full end to end solution from sensor, IoT network to application dashboard. We can monitor humidity, temperature and Co2.

The sensors take hourly readings and are processed and presented on our application dashboard, providing real time and historical access to the information for reporting and analysis.

The temperature sensors can help avoid many problems including, vacant properties, faulty boilers, poor ventilation and even fuel poverty.

Humidity sensors can provide early detection of conditions which are likely to cause mildew and mould in a house which can be highly toxic if they get into your body. A property with mould and mildew will likely spread through vents and start to penetrate walls, seeping into every pore of the house, causing significant cost and time consuming repair works.

Specific temperature and humidity conditions will cause damp. Pinacl can help prevent damp by configuring alarms/ thresholds around specific thresholds, automatically triggered when these thresholds are exceeded proactively alerting the Housing Provider to take appropriate action.

Our sensors will also measure Co2 levels, comparing the usual Co2 levels expected for the number of tenants occupying the property to the actual level of Co2 present. If the Co2 readings remain high over a period of time this could indicate potentially undeclared tenants residing in the property, poor ventilation or even illegal activity.

Pinacl is already working with several Housing Associations who are keen to trial and adopt this new technology, recognising the potential for a rapid Return on Investment from Pinacl’s IoT Housing solution.

For more information on our IoT Social Housing Solutions call us on 01745 535300

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