How To Improve Accuracy With Cloud Computing, To Ultimately Improve Customer Engagement

You can eradicate a potentially damaging scattergun approach to marketing and CRM by using cloud computing systems to better target your consumers. Properly harnessed, a cloud-as-platform system will let your teams invest customer engagement resources where they’re needed most, and focus on the messaging strategy that will get your business the best results.

When those results are delivered, a cloud-based Incentive Compensation Management system will then help you reward exceptional performance and motivate your e-commerce and CRM teams.

Here are some of the benefits the right cloud computing philosophy could bring to your company.

Innovate faster than your rivals

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The best advances in customer engagement arise with the advent of new, workable ideas. Identifying the ideas that will move your business forward takes time, but by using the cloud to filter good concepts across your whole organisation and get them into development, you can save time and money. You won’t have a costly infrastructure to maintain, so you can direct budget instead towards development, testing, deployment and iteration of new customer engagement strategies.

Developers can concentrate on creating and innovating, rather than maintenance and bug-fixing. The operations side is handled by whoever provides your cloud service; your specialists can focus instead on what they’re best at.

Develop new services more cheaply

Leading on from that, a cloud service will effectively let you be the front-end user, while the back-end is maintained by the supplier you sign up with. It means you pay only for what you use and what you need. Why should you have pay to maintain your own cloud service?

a cloud service will effectively let you be the front-end user

There’s no need to purchase licences, development tools or additional bandwidth. It’s all there in the cloud – and it will expand as your needs grow. And it will evolve in the background so that your team can turn the ideas, strategies and workflows that will improve customer engagement. You can recruit the UX experts, business analysts and designers you need to make sure a customer can engage with your brand as best they can.

Launch highly targeted campaigns

One of the most basic and attractive premises of cloud computing is the connectivity it offers. Teams and departments can upload and share data, information, content and insight and gather feedback effortlessly. It also helps you connect with specific demographics without the need for costly and time-consuming focus groups or pilot schemes.

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Say you want to advertise a product launch. You devise an eCRM campaign, send out three sets of emails to different target groups, each with a call-to-action that directs them to a landing page relevant to them. You can then monitor whether they go to your online store to purchase the product, whether they want to find out a little more about the product or whether they ‘bounce’ away from the page completely. You decide the last group, the bouncers, need more convincing, so you set to work on a different strategy to redouble your efforts there.

The common thread in all of this? You guessed it – it can all be done in the cloud, quickly, cheaply and with total buy-in from all relevant members of a campaign team.   

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