PTC Announces PTC Windchill 11 for Smart Connected PLM

PTC today announced PTC Windchill® 11 product lifecycle management software that achieves new levels of connectivity and process improvement across the entire, closed-loop product lifecycle. PTC Windchill is used by more than 1.5 million users around the world to manage and optimize their product development and lifecycle processes. With this major new release, PTC now offers a PLM system that bridges the digital world and the physical world. Customers benefit through an improved systems-engineering process that is informed by real world usage and quality data from smart connected products. This benefit is extended through broad and easy access to the definitive source of truth of product information enabling richer collaboration and faster decision making.

The data stream from smart, connected products opens up new worlds of possibility: driving new business models, creating new service opportunities and improving design decisions. But to fully capitalize on this potential, companies need a product lifecycle management strategy that is equipped for this revolution: a PLM approach enabled by a modern IoT platform. PTC Windchill 11 is enabled by PTC Thingworx™ technology to integrate data from physical products, web-based resources, and enterprise software systems to deliver unparalleled access, insight, and value in a modern and easily consumable user experience.

“Smart, connected products are the future, but are intrinsically more complex to design, build and service,” said Brian Shepherd, executive vice president, PLM, PTC. “Products that once operated in isolation are now part of a connected ecosystem with extended interdependencies.  PTC Windchill 11 is the solution for companies that are looking for improved and closed-loop product lifecycle management to thrive in this new era.”

PTC Windchill 11 addresses the key requirements for today’s PLM initiatives – smart, connected, complete, and flexible.


PTC Windchill 11 offers stakeholders across all levels of the company easy and secure access to all relevant product information keeping them connected with the fast-moving and dynamic process of product development. Specific enhancements include:

  • Role Based Apps: PTC Windchill 11 offers instant access to relevant product information based on who you are and what you need to accomplish.
  • New PTC Windchill Search: PTC Windchill 11 delivers new, multifaceted search capabilities to quickly filter and find specific product information.
  • OSLC Standards.  PTC Windchill 11 is a smart, open PLM system. PTC has incorporated OSLC standards for greater collaboration and connection to other systems.


PTC Windchill 11 introduces revolutionary new connectivity between products and the people who design, develop, test, build, and service them. Windchill 11 closes the ‘lifecycle’ loop with IoT data captured in real time during the operation of physical products.  Product planning, design, and quality teams can learn from the product’s operational behavior to improve features that customers use most, configure offerings to usage patterns, and redesign parts or systems to improve quality and save on costs while meeting design requirements.           


Complex products rely on an increasing number of engineering disciplines to closely collaborate throughout the product’s development. Changes made in one area need to be realized and integrated throughout all the others.  This requires comprehensive Bill-of-Materials (BOM) management that that encompasses system models, requirements, mechanical designs, electronic designs, software, documentation, quality planning and analysis, and production information shared across engineering, manufacturing and services organizations.  PTC Windchill 11 offers features that advance the ability to manage this complete product definition, helping companies evolve to a part-centric bill-of-materials managed throughout the entire closed-loop lifecycle.  Companies will be able to leverage the full, evolving product definition and provide accurate, reliable decisions for every stakeholder.


PTC offers a variety of deployment options from SAAS in the cloud to perpetual and on-premise solutions.  Value-ready deployment services are offered from PTC’s own world-class Global Services organization or through a network of consulting and value-added partners.    This flexibility makes PTC Windchill 11 ideal for both large enterprises and small-medium businesses that need product lifecycle management software with a fast-time to value, low total cost of ownership, and completely compatible with their overall IT strategies.  

“At Lifetime we are very proud of our products and the impact they have on people’s lives.  PTC Windchill helps us move these products rapidly from concept to production with to standard processes and strong team collaboration,” Dave Winter, executive vice president engineering and manufacturing, Lifetime Products, Inc.

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