How Fintech Based Tools And Resources Made Handling Finances Easier

The amazing advancement in fintech can be used very brightly with a methodical approach, ina fully structured way, to make money, monitor money making, and also fight back debt and financial crises. This can be done in various stages, all through the use of technology. Finance and technology combined has brought forth some such amazing apps and tools, which can be used online through smartphones, and definitely through computers and tablets. That’s why the common man now is richly equipped to play with finance, take care of money matters, and grow rich by utilizing the tools and resources thoughtfully. Here are some ideas shared, which can be used smartly to make money.

Investing in the stock market

One of the very lucrative options to make money, and make huge if you have the luck and understanding of the market, is the stock market investment method. Many people invest in the stock market, and buy shares of companies, and then sell them at the right time to make money. There are apps for this. The function of the apps is to help you trade online. The apps make trading easy without having to rely on any middleman. This means you can directly buy and sell stocks from any computer or smartphone or tablet. All you need is continuous internet connectivity, and the appropriate tab that helps study charts, lock prices and buy and sell orders. Such apps have more features like presenting your old records, giving graphical views of stock price records, displaying current market trends, and much more.

Investing in foreign exchange

The foreign exchange market operates similar to the stock market. The only difference between the two is that in this case, instead of stocks, you trade in various currencies. There are many foreign currencies which have a huge demand, and in this form of trading, the currency is bought when its rate is down and sold when the rate goes up. Supporting apps are there, which are highly efficient in an instant and daily trading. These apps are equipped with many features for the basic to advanced traders and are available on many platforms.


Trading in cryptocurrencies is the new trend, which can help make people huge money. This surely is a great success of fintech, where a currency, which is completely in the digital form, yields cash and, is some cases, can take one from rags to riches.

Crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding is another great way to get money. This is an excellent way to raise funds. Once against finance meets technology here, where an online platform and media site is used to interact, present projects, impress people, convince a crowd, and raise the money. That’s why crowdfunding, which is an effective and accepted method to raise funds for business, is a very nice gift of modern fintech.

Business watch

Apps are there to watch businesses, compare their performances, and tell you which one is doing good at present, which is underperforming, which one looks promising and so. This helps many people invest wisely on businesses of their choice.

Real estate

A great way to make money is real estate. When you invest in real estate, you have great chances of making money. However, the best decision is taken with good research work. And these days many apps are there to provide information on lands, houses, projects, and buildings, etc. That’s why investing in real estate is much easier now with the support of real-time and constantly updating data. This surely is another side of fintech success.


The commodities market is also great money making machine if you know to use it. Just use the appropriate financial technology here too. There are fantastic apps and tools to predict the rise and fall of the market and various commodities. That’s why with a close market watch through the apps, and using the trading apps; you can make good money from this market too.

Investment advisory

Some apps guide the investors through many updates, news, economic news and finance management tools, etc. The main role of such tools and apps are to indicate the ripe sectors of the market, which can be used for investing.

Buy and sell

Buying and selling of used and old items also is a business, and there are apps for this. Many people make money out of it. You can earn cash from a sale and even from the commission. Also, other forms of selling, like affiliate marketing, are there to earn cash. You get supporting apps for all this.

Economic news

Better investment decisions can be taken when you are updated about your regions, country’s, and world economics. For this again, there are excellent tools and apps, which are a gift of the modern finance technology. You can stay updated about any small and big economic move etc. from such tools.

Credit card finder

The use of credit cards brings convenience to an average person in many ways. Paying for any item even when you don’t have the money gets easier with a credit card. Moreover, you can transact cashless when you have a credit card. And there are many apps which helps you apply for a credit card, track your card application, and compare and choose from many credit cards, also check your eligibility as the applicant.

Loan Finder

There are apps which help find and apply for loans. Many lenders are there who can be reached through such apps. This is another bright side of using technology to get financial assistance. While in times of need, you may find loans with such apps, you also can get assistance with debt management with apps and financial tools. Resources like NationalDebtRelief come as a great help in this.

Finance management

Wallets are a very convenient way to carry digital cash or cash in digital form. This relieves you from carrying any physical wallet. Transactions can be completed from mobile number to number, bank account to account, or wallet id to id, etc.


The various products around you which are technology-based, and meant for finance management are varied and many. Hence life can be made simpler with their use, and finance management is easier than ever with these certainly.

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