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AI can help finance team’s focus on strategy

The ongoing Covid-19 situation has led to many businesses in the UK and across the world, taking a step back to rethink their processes,...

Demystifying the cloud for CFOs

Inside corporates, The Cloud is on a roll. In the beginning, the IT department was cloud’s natural early adopter. There was initial resistance due to...

Five Benefits of Leveraging the Cloud for Financial Services

In March 2017, the Cloud Industry Forum reported that the UK’s overall cloud adoption rate had reached a record high of 88%, an increase...

How Fintech Based Tools And Resources Made Handling Finances Easier

The amazing advancement in fintech can be used very brightly with a methodical approach, ina fully structured way, to make money, monitor money making,...

Top Fintech Business Startup Ideas to find Easy Investment

Fintech startups across the globe are now coming up with a lot of fresh new ideas. There are a considerable number of RFS (requests...

How Fintech Apps Revolutionize Finance Methods?

Finance industry replicates complex business scenario and customers find it hard to get accustomed with the environment. True that the Fintech industry is one...


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How NIST started the countdown on the long journey to quantum safety

Leading the charge to develop a post-quantum cryptographic standard for organisations is the US government’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Overcoming economic uncertainty with cloud flexibility

Particularly for companies that jumped into the cloud headfirst, taking the time to optimise existing processes is a remarkable way to reduce infrastructure costs and free up OPEX for delivering business value.

“The need for speed” – Finding a way to unlock agility for today’s businesses 

To fully support agility, the solutions chosen will need to enshrine all the latest innovations in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning or prescriptive analytics.

Preventing data sovereignty from confusing your data strategy

The reason why sovereignty is so important, is that it enables organisations to be innovative with their data and deliver new digital services. Historically, there has been a distinct lack of trust in the cloud, leading to a lack of innovation.

Edge and cloud joining forces

For a decade-and-a-half now, centralised cloud computing has been considered the standard IT delivery platform and little is set to change on that front.

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