How Do Instagram Uses AI and Big Data in 2019

Social media marketing is about dealing with information. You evaluate consumer data, assess conversion rates, and plan your most effective social content based on your findings. The same rule holds for Instagram, the photo-sharing platform. When it comes to social networking platforms, there are loads of data you need to process and interpret, and accordingly, design your marketing strategies. That is why most brands today consider customer information when implementing their Instagram campaign.

Studies show that users make almost 95 million new and unique posts on the photo-sharing site daily. Then, it is impossible to track tons of data. Thanks, you have technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Today, businesses use AI and big data to derive numerous actionable insights into consumer behavior and their buying habits. Then, Instagram has a couple of benefits compared to other social platforms. There are users on Instagram that do not use much of Facebook or Twitter. Therefore, Instagram lets you study unique aspects like demographics and optimizing your marketing efforts for specific audiences. Did you know that approximately 200 million Instagrammers visit business pages and almost 80 percent of users follow one business on Instagram?

There are tools like Social Insight that gives you access to detailed analysis to understand your Instagram marketing strategies. Read on to learn how Instagram uses big data and AI in 2019.

Targeted advertising

The information collated from Instagram is precious as it offers many useful insights for businesses. The photo-sharing site keeps track of search preferences and user engagement. Accordingly, it sells advertising to brands that show interest in a specific audience type. That is how companies reach out to prospects that show interest in their marketing messages.

Since Instagram belongs to FB, it already has an audience base of approximately 1.8 billion users. It means there is much scope for analysis. Your brand can, therefore, target advertising to people depending on what people they follow, what content they like, what posts they share, and what they do not like. The targeted advertising depends on these factors. Targeting is one of the key benefits of AI in social media marketing and email marketing.

Take user experience to another level

The key to the success of social media marketing depends on user experience. There is no denying the fact. It all depends on how your Instagram followers discover your content that piques their interest. Your posts need to generate the same kind of interest to become useful to your prospects.

The more content a user uploads, the broader is the choices, and more challenging it becomes, to find content that is unique and interesting. Yes, information overload is a problem for social media marketers.

Even a couple of years back, Instagram algorithms showed posts in your feed in a reverse chronological manner. It was a simple process but not practical and effective. Today, Instagram algorithms are AI-focused and choose the most likable posts or content. It has made marketers happy and they can strategize their social media campaigns based on Instagram’s new AI-based algorithms to increase likes or comments. Besides, if you want to get automatic Instagram likes, there are numerous ways to achieve your goals.

Machine learning has also made deriving actionable insights easy when it comes to social media data. The algorithms learn and keep improving over time, thus displaying the most useful, precious, and relevant posts for all. The old Instagram algorithms made people miss on half of the content based on which accounts they followed. The new algorithm is an improved version delivering 90 percent of unique and valuable content to the users.

Eliminating spam

Did you know that the photo-sharing platform also leverages AI to eliminate spam? Instagram has smart technology to detect fake messages and getting rid of them from accounts. As of now, this technology works with nine languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. Spam detection has become possible, thanks to AI and DeepText that read texts and determines its context or relevance. The same technology is used by FB too. These little things matter a lot in social media today, be it Instagram or FB.

Battling offensive and inappropriate content

Today, bullying is a problem on social media, be it a personal account or a business one. Sometimes, posts are created to demean a brand or an individual entrepreneur on Instagram or any other social site for that matter. Studies show that 42 percent of bullying instances happen on Instagram and therefore, the platform has decided to fight offensive and inappropriate content.

Instagram now has an offensive comment filter that figure out which specific groups of people are soft targets and run the risk of discrimination. If the AI algorithms detect a definite pattern in offensive or bullying comments or repeated responses, Instagram receives the notification and takes appropriate steps to fight the menace.

AI has taken Instagram to another level and can do much better than what it has been doing so far. There hardly any doubt about it. The latest developments in machine learning have helped Instagram filters to identify bullying in photos. It is a very complex algorithm and still developing further improvements.

Big data and AI has taken account protection to another level. It has not only improved user experience but also changed users’ lives in a better way.

Understanding human behavior and culture

When it comes to Instagram, it makes your audience feel like a part of a global community. Therefore, your business needs an understanding of human behavior and culture in different parts of the globe. It means that you need to work with loads of data and interpret them correctly to take the right actionable insights to improve your content and posts targeted to your audience.

AI helps in this respect to understand consumer behavior so that you can tailor product-related content that piques audience interest.


Big data, AI, and machine learning play a crucial role in social media marketing, including Instagram. They introduced new standards of user experience so that brands can create content that grabs consumer attention.

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