AI Tools to Plan Your Content Strategy

No matter the scale or industry a business operates in, original content is what matters the most in the eyes of would-be stakeholders. Whether you work in fintech, IT or as an independent content creator, the artificial intelligence (AI) boom has something to offer for everyone.

After all, potential customers and B2B partners will get their first impressions of your brand through the content strategy you employ. According to Martech Advisor, only 30% of companies plan to integrate AI in their production and sales departments by 2020, with only 17% of email marketers planning for AI.

This leaves a lot of room for companies such as yours to pioneer AI content strategy trends for others to follow. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most prolific and useful AI-driven content strategy tools which can improve your industry authority and subsequent revenue.

1. Node

A great way to kick off your content strategy is to find out who your target audience really consists of. Node is an AI tool dedicated to content analysis across the internet. It effectively draws parallels between content, eCommerce stores, user engagement and other parameters to discover your optimal customer.

Once Node extrapolates your data, it can be used to come up with new content, topics and marketing materials for upcoming campaigns and sales initiatives. Node also has AI features such as sales and product development assistance, as well as content engagement monitoring and analysis.

2. Market Muse

The most important part of differentiating your brand from the competition is to produce and publish new content. However, original content will only get you so far without SEO optimization. Market Muse is an AI-driven content strategy tool with an emphasis on cloud-based content research.

Depending on your niche, the tool will analyze your content in regards to other posts and articles already published on the web. It will then proceed to advise you on how to edit, fix and build on the first draft in order to get more traffic and leads from each piece of content you produce.

3. io

Social proof remains one of the most important elements in convincing stakeholders to convert into customers. is an AI tool built with data gathering and visualization in mind. You can export any form of data from the web and shape it into infographics, charts, graphs or other data visualization forms.

This data can be integrated into written posts and articles to further prove your claims and to build your brand’s reputation as a professional business. features a plethora of AI features including sales research, risk analysis and integration with other content strategy tools.

4. Cortex

Publishing content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can provide you with new leads and untapped popularity. However, finding the best channels and timing for your content strategy isn’t as simple as that. Enter Cortex, an AI social media analysis tool built with content tracking in mind.

You can set Cortex to analyze your competitions’ social media pages and track their efficiency, content types and user engagement. The tool can then extrapolate the best types of content for you to use and advise you on the optimal post length and publishing times. You can keep a close watch on your and other social media pages with Cortex and its AI algorithms to maximize the effectiveness of your content strategy going forward.

5. One Spot

Content personalization is an essential part of delivering the right content to the right customers. However, knowing how to address or how to shape your content to certain demographics can be difficult without factual data. This is where One Spot comes in with its AI content personalization capabilities.

You can use One Spot to format your content so that the right messages reach the right audiences through segmentation and personalization. One Spot can be used in content strategy creation as well as email marketing depending on your needs. Once you make your content more relevant to an individual reader or customer, traffic and engagement rates will spike as a result of your user-friendly content strategy.

6. Stackla

Integrating user-generated content into your content strategy is one of the best ways to build positive relations with your audience. Stackla is an AI tool built with social media content analysis in mind. It scours social media platforms for user-generated content based on the custom search filters you set beforehand.

You can reach out to individual stakeholders and offer to feature their user-generated content on your future posts or marketing materials. Stackla also features social event and eCommerce AI analysis options which can help you discover even more content for future publishing.

7. Atomic Reach

Even if you produce high-quality content, its effectiveness will drop over time due to shifts in trends and SEO. However, AI tools such as Atomic Reach can be used to monitor your content and audit it on a per-case basis. Atomic Reach will inform you of shifts in SEO, industry trends and whether or not your content is still performing as expected.

If not, it will guide you through an optimization process in order for you to improve those pieces of content which are performing below expectation. This is a perfect tool for businesses which produce a plethora of content strategy materials for their online platforms, especially since it automates a lot of otherwise tedious monitoring activities.

In Conclusion

Cloud-based AI tools for content strategy optimization are the perfect addition to your production arsenal no matter the scale at which you operate. Make sure to combine different platforms in order to maximize your productivity and reach in terms of new stakeholders and revenue streams.

Don’t settle for manual content production and optimization – think smart and use every opportunity to build on your brand’s foundations. Over time, the right audience will find its way to your content and your AI tools will work even better thanks to their monitoring and analysis capabilities.

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