Data Beyond Borders: Rethinking the Cloud in Times of Global Change

A post-Brexit era may spur demand for companies to rethink their hosting needs. One company, in particular, is ready to help: Leaseweb. Their strategy is simple: use state-of-the-art globally distributed data centres, with strong security and data privacy protections, to keep your data safe and available. Offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), the company has chosen to open a new data centre in the UK, allowing EU customers to serve their UK customers directly from a UK location.

Leasweb: A history

[clickToTweet tweet=”Today, @Leaseweb #hybrid ready #hosting solutions include dedicated #servers, #PrivateCloud, #PublicCloud, colocation, content delivery #network (#CDN), and #cybersecurity services” quote=”Today, Leaseweb’s hybrid ready hosting solutions include dedicated servers, private cloud, public cloud, colocation, content delivery network (CDN), and cybersecurity services.”]

Leaseweb started in the clouds. 20 years ago while still working as professional pilots, two Dutch founders understood the importance of reliability and global connections. Today they are delivering data across borders on one of the world’s best networks, empowering companies through a comprehensive range of global cloud hosting solutions. Leaseweb’s hybrid ready hosting solutions include dedicated servers, private cloud, public cloud, colocation, content delivery network (CDN), and cybersecurity services. Additionally, they work with technologies like DellEMC, HPE, Microsoft, Intel, NetApp, VMware, Veeam, Acronis, to provide the best-customized solutions for their customers.

Growth, change and expansion

As a global partner, Leaseweb serves as a single point of contact, offers compliance with local requirements, and can “speak the local language”. Leaseweb’s expansion to the United Kingdom was driven by three factors: ongoing growth, change in international markets, and the belief that expansion should be based on customer requirements. Many EU based customers are looking to have a footprint in the UK to better reach local customers. One of the customers that Leaseweb has worked closely with in developing its UK expansion is TOPdesk.

The full ramifications around Brexit are still unfolding. One thing businesses can be sure of is an increase in the complexity of operations in a life of new rules and regulations, particularly regarding data residency. Advantages exist in adopting cloud solutions in a post-Brexit world, and the four areas critical to consider before proceeding include: the importance of data, hosting, security, and architecture. To learn more, read Leaseweb’s blog on this topic.

Cloud Expo Europe

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet Leaseweb at Cloud Expo London. Attendance is free so be sure to make an appointment here. There are plenty of great offers available at their booth only during Cloud Expo Europe.

The Leaseweb director of business development (Avneet Sachdeva) will be holding a talk at Cloud Expo Europe on Thursday 22nd March at 10:30 – 10:55 in the Cloud Innovations Theatre.

The topic will be “Data Beyond Borders: Rethinking the Cloud in Times of Global Change.

”Are you ready or not for the new era of IT Flexibility? Find your answer here and don’t miss Leaseweb at Cloud Expo.

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